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  • Valentines crafts using Vinyl

    Spreading the love during lockdown is not cancelled! We have come up with great Vinyl craft ideas to make someone smile this Valentines Day. Whether you are planning a Galentines video party, sending a fun gift to someone special in the post or having a meal with your house hold we have you covered to making it a day to celebrate!

    Galentines 2019. Beth, Marnie and Hayley

    Grab some Adhesive or Heat Transfer Vinyl and pick out of our 16 project ideas. Add your own twist to a project with different vinyl effects and colours available on our website.

    Coffee lovers gift bag

    Decorate a draw string cotton bag with a funny or personal slogan to show them how much they mean to you. Why not fill this with coffee, biscuits and toppings. Check out our full tutorial on how to make this bag here.

    Products used: - HappyFlex White & Cream HTV

    Photo album

    Adding a fun design to the front cover of a photo or note book adds the perfect touch ready to add your loved memories inside. Choose your favourite colours and message and fill with your treasured photos.

    Products used: HappyGlitter Medium Pink, Gold and Black

    Flamingo insoles

    Adding a design to shoe insoles is a great way to make sure each shoe is on the right foot. These flamingoes face each other to create a heart shape which we think is so cute! It's a great project for Children!

    Products used: HappyFlex Fluo Pink

    Heart pattern vase

    Add your own design onto a vase, glass jar or cup using our NEW Self-Adhesive HappyVinyl. Hand or machine cut your designs and stick them onto your project. Add some flowers to brighten someones day!

    Products used: HappyVinyl Gloss Self- Adhesive Pink, Magenta, Red

    Bear hug card

    Send a bear hug with a homemade card. Why not use our FREE download of this design available on our website?

    Products used: HappyFlock White, HappyGlitter Brown

    Little Lovely jumper

    Up-cycle and decorate something from your wardrobe whether it's for a little one or for yourself. You can really make clothing your own, cover up stains and holes with vinyl so you can reuse them. Add a sweet slogan for an extra Valentines theme!

    Products used: Pastel Pink HappyFlock HTV

    Gift tags

    Gift tags are super easy to make! This one was created from cardboard packaging cut up into a tag shape. Then we added HappyFlock HTV to give it a premium feel with a velvet-like texture. It's the perfect way to make use of materials at home and use up any vinyl scraps.

    Products used: HappyFlock Signal Red HTV

    Decorative banner

    Banners are a great way to add a special touch to a wall. Simply use up fabrics/ clothing you may have at home and decorate them with a special message. Either hang it in your home or gift it to someone special.

    We created this banner for the Mollie Makes magazine along with a full tutorial last Valentines 2020.

    Products used: HappyFlex, HappyFlock and HappyGlitter

    Hand cut heart jumper

    A heart can be added to any project with a pair of scissors and an iron. For this jumper we used a heart stencil to draw around and hand cut. Half the heart was HappyFlock Fluo Orange and the other Pastel Pink.

    Products used: HappyFlock Fluo Orange, Pastel Pink

    LOVE cushions

    Add something extra to a cushion cover or make one from scratch to brighten up your lounge or bedroom. This is a project which could be hand or machine cut and would make a wonderful gift!

    Products used: HappyGlitter Silver, HappyFlex Gold

    Trainer up-cycle

    The hearts do not stop there as these canvas trainers are the perfect way to make an old pair look new. We covered up lots of stains on these shoes and it was all done with HappyFlock and a heart hole punch.

    Products used: HappyFlock White and Signal Red

    'You are loved' card

    Making a card with HappyFabric vinyl is super easy and means you can personalise it the way you want. We used HappyFlock to create a wonderful texture against the smooth card. Why not reuse card you have around the house from packaging and make something adorable! This card could be used as a print to add to a frame after too!

    Products used: HappyFlock Signal Red

    Girl Power tote bag

    A simple project which could be hand or machine cut would be this cute 'GRL PWR' tote bag. This would be a great project for Valentines which could be a virtual video call where your friends all make a bag each. It's a great way to have some crafty fun and celebrate!

    Products used: HappyGlitter Watermelon and HappyFlex Fluo Blue

    Purse or make-up bag

    We love this Pink and Green colour HappyFlock vinyl combination! It adds a wonderful felt-like finish to a purse or make-up bag. Add scallops, names or slogans to make storing money or beauty items extra fun!

    Products used: HappyFlock Pastel Pink and Green

    A cute print

    This gorgeous cherry print came with this frame but we wanted to add more! We used HappyFlex HTV to hand cut letters to create a French saying 'My Dear'. It's a cute way to make it extra personal and works well with a layered 3D effect.

    Products used: HappyFlex Black and Gold

    Happy Mail envelope

    Why not use up paper, felt or fabric around the house and create a personalised envelope to add a message or token inside? It's a cute way to add a loving twist to a gift to send in the post.

    Products used: HappyFlex Black, Red, Gold, Royal Blue, Grey and Pink

    We hope you feel super inspired to decorate your home, clothes and send a gift to a loved one to let them know you're thinking of them. We can still celebrate with video calls, craft days and themed dinners to show each other love!

    For more project inspiration and tutorials on how to use our products check out our social channels below.

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  • HTV Tutorial: Coffee lovers valentines gift bag using HTV

    Need a gift idea for a coffee lover? This little gift bag is waiting to be filled with goodies to gift to someone special. We love a pun at HappyFabric and this one definitely brings us a smile which we hope to spread to everyone.

    Follow our simple tutorial on personalising a mini draw string bag, add your own words, graphics and vinyl colours to create something totally personal.

    You will need:

    1. Create your artwork using your cutting machine programme. We are using Silhouette Studio for this tutorial as we will be using the Silhouette Cameo 4 cutter.

    2. Mirror your design so that it is backwards. You can do this on Silhouette Studio by right clicking the image and pressing 'Flip Horizontally'.

    3. Press 'Send' in the top right tab and change the material to 'Heat Transfer Smooth' for HappyFlex. Make sure this matches up with our DIY sheet instructions to suit the vinyl.

    4. Add the White vinyl shiny side down onto your machine cutting mat. Load this into your machine and press 'send' then 'send as is' in Silhouette Studio. The machine will start cutting your design.

    5. Next, add the small oval shape for the coffee in place ready to cut.

    6. Load the Cream HappyFlex vinyl and send this to cut.

    7. You can cut around your design with scissors to save the rest of the vinyl for more projects. Use a weeding tool to peel away the excess vinyl to reveal your design.

    8. Pre-press your cotton bag with an iron or heat press.

    9. Place the White HappyFlex design shiny side up onto the bag. Press with an iron or heat press for 10 seconds making sure every part of the vinyl has had even heat. Temperature: 150 degrees/ 2 dot setting.

    10. Once cooled slightly, peel away the clear carrier to reveal the vinyl attached.

    11. Repeat the pressing and peeling process with the Cream HappyFlex layer.

    Tah-Dah! You have a quick and easy gift bag to fill with coffee, biscuits or sweets.

    Why not create a different themed bag from jewellery holder to a wine bag there's so many possibilities to tailor a gift to that someone special.

    Our HTV can be hand cut with scissors or a cutter such as Silhouette, Cricut or BrotherScanNCut. Apply to textiles projects using an iron or heat press. Our pressing and peeling instructions for our HTV can be found on our website under 'Downloads'.

    Don't forget to tag us in your photos as we love to see your creations!

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  • LIVE Q&A with Nerrisa Pratt from The Bargello Edit

    As we are all at risk of going slightly crazy during this 3rd Lock down. Here at HappyFabricUK thought it would be love to chat to some of our favourite creatives LIVE on instagram to help keep the creative juices flowing and to not go completely insane - if thats at all possible?

    Our HFCrafter Marnie has a LIVE chat with Nerrisa Pratt who tells us all about the Old techique Bargello and how she is giving it a new lease of life in the 21st century. Check out her website here at where you can find everything you need along with Workshops!!

  • Learn about a small business with The Fabric Fox

    We chatted all things crafty from starting up Kirsty's business "The Fabric Fox" to her New Years plans. We also had a sneak peek at some of her newest fabrics which is has available online.

    Learn more about Kirsty's business in our latest LIVE video available to watch on Instagram or Facebook

  • New year, new HTV products

    Have you see our latest range of patterned HTV including floral, space and animal print? With a smooth, matt finish in gorgeously vibrant colours, they will sure add that 'wow' factor to your next project.

    How fabulous is our NEW HappyPattern Flowergarden HTV?

    Last week we up-cycled a 2020 diary using the colour Mint. The design looks like it has been appliquéd onto the front with a fabric look with a soft, barely there feel. We simply created a letter template, hand cut the vinyl and ironed it onto the front cover. We can finally reuse the notebook this year to fill with doodles, lists and paper creations.

    What projects would you personalise with this floral print?

    HappyPattern Flowergarden HTV, available online in Navy and Mint.

    Look at this out of this world vinyl (quite literally).

    This Heat Transfer Vinyl is called HappyPattern Space and it has a soft, thin feel once pressed onto fabric. The star detailing and mix of mesmerising colours really creates a beautiful design. Create writing or shapes to create a magical effect.

    How would you use this Space design?

    HappyPattern Space HTV, available online in Magenta or Magenta-Turquoise.

    How amazing does our HappyFlex Animal look?

    We have 10 different types of animal print vinyl and they all have a matt, smooth finish which looks fabulous heat pressed onto fabric. We created this jumper using Leopard Beige adding a printed textured look along with some other HappyFlex block coloured vinyl. Why not mix and match different prints together?

    What clothes in your wardrobe need some animal print?

    HappyFlex Animal HTV, available online in 10 different prints.

    Each sheet or roll will come with a clear carrier to protect the vinyl. This carrier also makes it easier to weed when cutting with a machine as it allows intricate details to stay on the carrier.

    Our HTV can be hand cut with scissors or a cutter such as Silhouette, Cricut or BrotherScanNCut. Apply to textiles projects using an iron or heat press. Our pressing and peeling instructions for our HTV can be found on our website under 'Downloads'.

    Don't forget to tag us in your photos as we love to see your creations!

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  • New Year ideas and To-do list

    First off we want to say a massive Happy New Year to you all our followers! It's a new year which means new projects, woohoo! As we are starting the year off spending time at home, we have been thinking of ways to keep us all busy with new goals and tick lists. There's something so satisfying about crossing off achievements, no matter how big or small they are. A new crafting project is definitely a fun achievement that you can work on in your own time. We have thought of ways you can make crafting fun by connecting with other people online, by making money from home or up-cycling your home.

    Here are some of our ideas for planning a 2021 craft list which we hope inspire you:

    • Experiment using vinyl for the first time
    • Use a new vinyl type (eg. HappyFlock)
    • Use up all my scrap pieces of vinyl and create abstract projects
    • Up-cycle an item in my house
    • Create personalised gifts for friends and family
    • Experiment with layering vinyl
    • Have a challenge with friends online to up-cycle something in your home
    • Up-cycle clothing and transform my wardrobe
    • Have a chilled craft day at home and watch movies
    • Run an online workshop with family, friends or work collegues
    • Start a personalisation business
    • Chat online or on the phone to your friends about projects you are working on and how you will create them
    • Make fun decorative projects to sell online
    • Create a positive wall hanging or decoration for your room
    • Watch crafty YouTube videos to inspire or learn a new craft

    What projects will you add to your to-do list this year?

    Check out our range of vinyl, equipment and accessories for crafting with HappyFabric on our website.

    Find fun tutorials and tips and tricks on our social channels.

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