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  • Green Snake print HTV

    We've been creating wild projects using our newest animal print iron-on vinyl range including this 'Wild Thing' t-shirt. Not only is it fun to craft with the results create a usable project which can be treasured. Whether you are creating wildlife shapes, writing or creating an abstract design, you can really personalise projects exactly how you like them. Why not mix and match the vinyls together like we have done using HappyFlex and HappyFlex Animal to create a layered effect?

    We are going to show you the steps we took to create our Wild Thing tee so you can follow along at home. You could use alternative prints and colours to suit your project!

    For this project you will need:

    1. Create your design on your cutting machine programme. For example for Silhouette machines use Silhouette Studio. We created text with a box around. Remember to mirror your design as you will be cutting into the back of the vinyl (HTV).

    If you are hand cutting use a stencil or template to draw around onto the vinyl and hand cut your design.

    2. Place the HappyFlex Animal vinyl shiny, print side down onto the cutting mat and send your design to be cut.

    3. Remove the vinyl from the mat and weed out your design to reveal the lettering. We then cut the rectangular box shape only using HappyFlex Lemon HTV. This left us with a background that fitted inside the snake print boxed outline.

    4. Pre-press the t-shirt to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric. This will create a great surface for the vinyl to adhere to.

    5. Place the lemon yellow layer in place shiny side up onto the t-shirt, add greaseproof paper and press for 10 seconds with a heat press at 150 degrees. If you are using an iron press for 10 seconds on the 2 dot setting, in sections across the vinyl to make sure each part has had even heat.

    6. Once cool to touch peel the shiny carrier away from the vinyl to reveal its smooth, matt finish.

    7. Next place the second layer of Snake print vinyl on top lining up it up with the yellow rectangle.

    8. Add greaseproof or HappyRelease paper on top and press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

    9. Once cool to touch peel away the shiny carrier slowly to reveal the smooth layer.

    10. You could continue to add more features like we have by adding brown and cream wooden blanks by cutting strips of vinyl in half and placing them opposite each other. Simply repeat the pressing and peeling stages for each layer.

    Tah-Dah! Your t-shirt is finished and ready to wear. The effect of this vinyl could create such fun projects from dinosaurs to textured looking writing like this t-shirt! Don't forget to leave the vinyl to settle for 2 days before washing.

    Find our cutting, pressing and washing instructions here.

    What will you create using our NEW HappyFlex Animal HTV?

    Find our full range of prints online.

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  • NEW HappyFlex Animal HTV

    As you may have seen we have released our amazing new HappyFlex Animal print range of iron-on vinyl which have the most amazing colours and textures. At a first glance they all look shiny like most of our HTV. Each sheet or roll will come with a clear carrier to protect the vinyl. This carrier also makes it easier to weed when cutting with a machine as it allows intricate details to stay on the carrier.

    Once the vinyl has been pressed with an iron or heat press and left to cool slightly, the shiny carrier can be peeled away to reveal its smooth, matt finish. It feels amazing on fabric. Check out some of the projects and close up photos below of our new range.

    Shop our range of HappyFlex Animal HTV here.

  • Iron vs. HappyPress Heat Press

    As you may know we have released our Brand New HappyPress 4 which is full of amazing features, perfect to heat press HTV onto a variety of projects. But what is the difference between using a heat press to using an iron when applying HTV? And when is the best time to invest in upgrading to a heat press?

    Well we are here to explain all the tips and tricks for using an iron or heat press and what they are best used for.

    An iron

    The beginners household iron

    • An iron is an easily accessible house hold item, perfect for crafting small projects and getting to grips with using HTV for the first time.
    • You can create projects from personalised t-shirts to wall hangings. If you are creating projects every so often it's a great way of decorating and up-cycling items you have at home.
    • An iron is also great for pressing HTV onto small areas such as canvas trainers.
    • It is also easy to travel around with if needed.

    Tips for fusing HTV with an iron:

    • Always pre-press your project before adding HTV.
    • Press on a hard, even and flat surface.
    • Use even pressure when pressing.
    • Use greaseproof paper on top of your design to protect your iron and project.
    • Every iron will vary very slightly in heat, make sure every part of the vinyl gets heat. E.g. 10 second press in sections across your vinyl design. Pay particular attention to the corners of the vinyl.
    • 150 degrees is the 2 dot setting on an iron and 165 degrees slightly higher.
    • We often give our project a final press after peeling the carrier away by adding greaseproof paper on top and giving it an all over press.

    When would you need to start thinking about getting a Heat press?

    A4 HappyPress 2.1- Pink, White or Turquoise

    The go-to craft press

    • If you are creating lots of projects from gifts to everyday items, you may find a press like our HappyPress 2.1 a massive help, as this will save time and applying as much pressure to the project you are working on.
    • The HappyPress 2.1 has a timer and temperature function which means you can make sure the settings are staying at a constant temperature and you no longer need to count how long you are pressing for. This is because the timer will chime when it is ready for you to lift the handle of the press.
    • This press is compact and great to travel with and even fits into an Ikea Kallax storage unit, BONUS!
    • In the long term your vinyl will last even longer as it has been pressed with a large heated plate with pressure, embedding the vinyl into the fabric.

    Tips on using a HappyPress 2.1:

    • Always pre-press your project before applying HTV.
    • Use greaseproof paper on top of your design to protect your vinyl when layering.
    • Lift the handle of the heat press to rest the top platen at a 90 degree angle.
    • Set your time and temperature on the light touch buttons (there's no need to press hard or firm at all as they are just like touch screen).
    • Place your project onto the lower platen and pull the handle down to close the press.
    • Hold and apply even pressure when pressing.
    • Once you have pressed your project lift the handle to it's 90 degree resting position.
    • Once the press has cooled completely, you can lower the top platen down to meet the bottom one and secure with the clasp.

    A4 OR A3 HappyPress 4- Pink, White or Turquoise

    The ultimate pro-craft press

    • If you are thinking of starting up your own business, selling items or creating lots of projects and need to create designs at a faster pace, then the HappyPress 4 is the one for you.
    • With a time and temperature function you will be able to check and change the settings easily to suit projects and no longer have to count, the same as the HappyPress 2.1.
    • The HappyPress 4 has an adjustable knob to adjust and control the pressure, which means you can control this according to the thickness of your project. This means you do not have to apply any pressure yourself.
    • With a sliding lower platen draw function this means you can add your projects easily with lots of space around to adjust your vinyl design on your fabric. You can simply pull the handle on the lower platen and slide it out to create extra work space.
    • An optional feature for this press is the Auto-open function which is AMAZING! This means you can pull the lever down to press your projects and once the timer has chimed the press will automatically release all by itself. This means you can prepare for other projects without the worry of needing to get to your press to release it.
    • This press also comes in an A4 or A3 size which means if you need to press larger items there is an option for a larger size!
    • In the long term your vinyl will last even longer as it has been pressed with a large heated plate with pressure, embedding the vinyl into the fabric.

    Tips on using the HappyPress 4:

    • Always pre-press your project before applying HTV.
    • Use greaseproof paper on top of your design to protect your vinyl when layering.
    • Change your temperature and time settings by using the press buttons on top of the press.
    • If you have pulled out the lower platen draw make sure this has been clicked back into place before pressing a project.
    • If you have chosen the optional Auto-open feature for your press make sure there is a bit of pressure on your project. This can be applied by turning the screw knob on top, only turn slightly. This will allow the auto-open to lever up when the timer has chimed. Make sure you are standing away from the press when the timer is about to chime as this means it is about to release and open up.

    Check out our full range of heat presses here.

    Check out our Heat Transfer vinyl colours and effects online.

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  • HappyFabric Stocking filler gift ideas

    Need some more gifting inspiration? Well you have come to the right place...We have lots of personalised ideas you could create this Christmas ready to be opened on the big day!

    Why not add your gifts into a personalised Santa Sack? We also have a whole Santa Sack HTV kit which includes everything you need to make your own, all you need is an iron/ heat press and away you go!

    1. Hot water bottle cover- It's perfect for this time of the year and you can add your own personalised message too! We decided to add 'Warm Hugs' to ours using HappyFlex vinyl to send someone special a hug this Christmas.

    2. Slippers- How cute are these sausage dog slippers? You could add a name, match a pair of pyjamas or give them a characterful feel. We used HappyFlex with a few HappyFlock details layered on top.

    3. Rainbow Glitter HTV Bundle- This bundle includes 6 HappyGlitter colours so you can create a project in every colour of the rainbow! Here is an example of what we created, adding a rainbow to our canvas trainers.

    4. Dog bandana- Does a pet in your house have a stocking? A cute bandana to get every family member into the spirit including the dog is a fun way to add some fun to their day! We used HappyFlex for the candy canes and HappyGlitter for the writing.

    5. Bag organiser or wash bag- Add a name or slogan to a pouch can be a fun way of adding little gifts inside. We used simple block lettering in HappyFlex vinyl to add a smooth, matt finish.

    6. Craftmas project booklet- We have put together a booklet guide with lots of ideas and inspiration to create festive projects, from jumpers to cushions. With 5 step by step tutorials and more information about us at HappyFabric. This is a great little gift to get some new ideas on what to make with your HTV.

    7. Christmas pyjamas- They are always a winner to wear throughout December making you feel extra cosy! Why not add a name or your favourite slogan to surprise your friends and family?

    8. Pretty Pastel HTV Bundle- Any pastel lover would love this set of vinyls to personalise their projects from jumpers, cushions and wall hangings.

    9. Cushions- We love a cushion design especially when you can choose the colours to match a room and add a design you love! This one was created for 'Grandad's' chair and we love the simple HappyFlex vinyl design!

    10. Festive baby grow- How adorable is this personalised baby grow? With beautiful HappyFlex and HappyGlitter details it's perfect for a little pudding.

    11. Silhouette Portrait 3 cutter- It's one of the smallest cutting machines that we stock and it can cut vinyl and other materials up to 8" wide. It would be a great gift for someone who wanted to get started with cutting digital designs out for craft projects and it's small and compact.

    12. Make-up bag- This design will get you festive and make you feel fab-yule-us at the same time! We do love a pun especially in HappyGlitter!

    Check out all our Heat Transfer vinyl colours and effects online.

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  • How to: HTV Festive napkins

    This year it's time to ditch the throw-away napkins and replace them with reusable ones, decorated with love. With a beautiful iridescent and sparkly finish, they will bring festive joy all year round. You may even want to choose other colours to match your room setting too. Follow our easy step by step tutorial on how to make reusable personalised napkins from sewing to decorating with HTV.

    Materials list:

    Happy Fabric iron-on vinyl:

    -HappyFashion: Rainbow

    - HappyGlitter: Light gold

    -Pastel pink cotton fabric – Available at: The Cheap shop Tiptree (Spectrum P01)

    - Scissors

    - Overlocker/ sewing machine


    -Gutermann thread (926)

    -Greaseproof paper

    - Iron (2 dot setting) or heat press (150 degrees)

    -Tape measure

    STEP 1

    Measure and cut four 26x26 cm squares of fabric. Use an over-locker or sewing machine to add a finished edge in coral thread.

    STEP 2

    Cut out each letter from the template including the shadowing and use these to draw onto the back of the vinyl (non shiny side). Remember to flip your template over when drawing around each letter and to cut off all pen marks. We have used rainbow vinyl for the lettering and glitter for the shadowing.

    STEP 3

    Pre-press your fabric to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric.

    Place your rainbow lettering onto the fabric square and add greaseproof paper on top. Press each letter with an iron for 10 seconds. Once cooled a little, peel the carrier off of the vinyl.

    STEP 4

    Repeat the pressing process by adding your glitter shadowing. This can be slightly layered onto the rainbow vinyl. Don’t forget to peel off the carrier after pressing.

    STEP 5

    Cut a long strip of rainbow vinyl and cut small sprinkles to add around your napkin.

    STEP 6

    Repeat the pressing process for your iridescent sprinkles and peel off the carriers once cooled.

    We hope you feel inspired to create your own and have some crafty fun. We would love to see your version, don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram or Facebook!

    Check out all our Heat Transfer vinyl colours and effects online.

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  • Stocking filler ideas: How to: HTV crafting pencil case

    Makers gonna make, might be our favourite slogan in the HF office. Written in HappyGlitter vinyl adds an even more wow factor. Let's face it we could all do with a little glitter coming up to the festive period...

    With these quick and easy to follow steps you will be personalising your projects in no time. Let's show you how we personalised our tool pouch.

    For this project you will need:

    1. Create your design in your cutting machine programme. We created our design in Silhouette Studio which is compatible with Silhouette machines. Make sure your design is the right size for your project by increasing or decreasing the image. Flip or mirror your design ready to cut into the back of the vinyl.

    2. Add the vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and insert this into the machine. Make sure your settings suit the type of vinyl. On Silhouette studio we chose the Heat Transfer Glitter material option.

    3. Once the design has been cut, remove the vinyl from the mat and use a weeding tool to reveal your design. This is handy to get to small areas such as the inner of the letter 'a'.

    4. Pre-press your fabric first and then add the design shiny side up. Then add greaseproof paper on top.

    5. Press for 10 seconds using a HappyPress 2.1 or iron (150c/ 2 dot setting).

    If you are using an iron make sure there is no steam and press the design in sections making sure every letter gets even heat and pressure.

    6. For HappyGlitter vinyl peel the carrier while warm to reveal even more sparkle!

    Yay! It's finished and now you can fill it with all your crafting essentials. We use ours to keep all our weeding tools, small scissors and measuring tapes safe. It would make a great gift/ stocking filler, why not pop some crafting essentials inside.

    Don't forget to share your HTV projects with us on Instagram and Facebook as we love to see what you have been making! Check out our full range of HTV online.

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  • How To: HTV Festive Placemats

    Christmas Tree Cork Placemats

    Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming! I bet you sang that didn't you? It officially December and due to '2020' Christmas has started much early, and we say, "why the hell not?" We all need a little extra joy in our lives. So that being said we have started to think about our Christmas Table set up and what we can create to make it look beautiful. And we think Placemats are defiantly a great 'place' to start! hehehe.

    To create the same look as what we have created you will need the following things...

    First things first is always pre heat your heating tool. Whether that is a HappyPress2.1 HappyPress4 or even just your normal domestic iron - whack that heat on. We always set our HappyPresses to 150 degrees but if you are using an iron please use the 2 dot setting on the dial.

    Now its time to get creative. Grab your pen and start to draw out your Christmas tree shapes. We have gone for simple triangle shapes. Pick 4-5 different tree shapes and cut them out. These will act as a template to draw around.

    Now grab your chosen colour of vinyl. We are going to use one colour of vinyl for the majority of the trees, so decide which colour you would like to use the most of (HappyGlitter - Holo White) . Draw around 10 per tree design. You should end up with enough trees to create 5 lines. Carefully cut these out.

    Repeat this step in your accent colour but only cut 1 of each tree design. (HappyFlex - Fluo Pink)

    Lay all of your trees onto the cork mat and make sure you are happy with the placement. Once you are happy, begin to swap a couple of trees out and replace with your accent colour trees.

    Once you are completely happy. Pop your placemat onto the HappyPress and lay your release paper over the placemat.

    Fuse the placemat for 10seconds and then peel away the plastic cover on the vinyl. This will reveal the Glittery Beautifulness of HappyGlitter.

    When you have removed all the plastic carriers, Grab the HappyFashion and your Star shapes paperpunch. Punch out a few stars, and place them onto a couple of the trees. Then give the cork placemat one final hit with the HappyPress and peel away the star plastic carrier for the last time.

    Ta Dahhhhhh!!!

    Now it time for Christmas DINNNNNEEERRRRR!!!!

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