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  • How to: HTV wooden pumpkin decoration

    With Autumn well and truly here, the candles, soft cushions and throws start to make an appearance in our homes, creating a cosy nest for Winter. With Halloween creeping around next week (how is it here already?) we couldn’t resist a pumpkin themed project to add to the Autumnal décor. We have had this wooden craft pumpkin since last Halloween, originally purchased from HobbyCraft. When we found it in our craft box, we jumped for joy as we knew vinyl would transform this into the ultimate sign for the front door/ window. 

    You can follow along with our simple steps below to create your very own or you may want to add the vinyl to a t-shirt or cushion. 

    For this project you will need:

    A flat wooden craft project – Wooden pumpkin from HobbyCraft

    HappyGlitter HTV: Fluo Orange, Watermelon

    HappyFlex HTV: Black 

    HappyRelease paper or greaseproof paper 

    HappyPress or iron


    Machine cutting: Cutting machine and weeding tool 


    Hand cutting: Permanent marker pen and a letter stencil

    Step 1:

    Measure your wooden project to see what size you would like the writing to be.

    Step 2:

    Machine cutting HTV:

    Create your design on your cutting machine programme to the size you would like. We decided to create the slogan ‘Hey there Pumpkin’. This would be perfect to hang by a front door or in the window for people passing by to see. Make sure you reverse (mirror) your design before pressing cut on your machine.

    Hand cutting HTV:

    Choose a stencil, create your own and draw around this onto the front (shiny side) of the vinyl using a marker pen. 

    Step 3:

    Machine cutting:

    Add the vinyl sheet shiny side down onto the cutting mat and feed this into your machine. Make sure the correct settings are selected for the type of vinyl you are using. In our project we are using HappyGlitter iron on vinyl. Then click send to cut and watch the machine cut your design.

    Hand cutting:

    Use scissors to cut around your design.

    Step 4: 

    Weed your design to reveal the lettering. We took the letters out of the 'Hey there' to create an opposite effect with a background of glitter.

    The 'Pumpkin' we took away the background to reveal the letters as they are.

    Step 5:

    Place the first layer of your design onto the wood and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron or heat press (2 dot setting/ 150 degrees) for 10 seconds making sure every part of the vinyl gets even pressure and heat. 

    Step 6:

    Peel the top layer (shiny carrier) from the HappyGlitter vinyl whilst warm. Once the HappyFlex vinyl is cool to touch peel the carrier away too.

    Step 6: 

    Add a second layer of vinyl if desired. We placed a layer of HappyGlitter vinyl on top of the HappyFlex to create a bold effect. Simply press and peel using the same previous steps.

    You now have a cute decoration to hang adding an extra spooky but cute touch to a room or window display. It would definitely make anyone who walks past smile! 

    Why not choose different colours and designs for your pumpkin? We have a wide range of colours and effects to choose from online. 

    Here are a few ideas a group of amazing crafters created at our event a Halloween event a few years ago.

    Created by @pinkcoatclub (Instagram)

    Created by @emmakesandbakes (Instagram)

    Created by @emmajewellcrafts (Instagram)

    Aren't they fabulous?

    How would you decorate yours?

    Check out our range of colours and effects on our website.

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  • How to: Halloween Sweet treat bag

    Halloween may be a little different this year but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the sweet treats. Why not create a personalised bag and have a trick or treat around the house or garden? This could be a fun sweet hunt/ game to play with the children.

    We have chosen HappyGlitter Holo Black vinyl for this treat bag but you could choose some other spooky colours from our wide range of Heat transfer Vinyl online.

    For this project you will need:

    1. Measure how wide you would like the writing to be.

    2. Create your artwork on your cutting machine programme. This is Silhouette Studio suitable to use with a Silhouette branded machine. Make sure you reverse or mirror your design once your design is complete.

    3. Add the vinyl shiny side down onto the cutting mat and insert into your machine. Make sure the setting is suited to your vinyl material. Press send to cut and watch it cut your design out.

    If you are hand cutting you could draw around a stencil onto the vinyl and cut these out with scissors. Make sure if you are using pen to draw a shape onto the vinyl to make sure all pen marks have been cut away. This is to avoid marking your fabric later on.

    4. If you have machine cut your design, use a weeding tool to reveal the lettering.

    5. Pre-press the fabric to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric.

    6. Place your vinyl design shiny side up onto the fabric and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron (2 dot setting) for 10 seconds across the design. Be sure to give each letter heat with firm, even pressure.

    7. The HappyGlitter vinyl carrier can be peeled away while warm revealing it's sparkly texture.

    You can add some fun halloween vinyl shapes around the writing to add extra spook!

    Now you can plan your Halloween fun and most importantly fill the bag with sweet treats! These bags would also make a great gift full of halloween activities and crafts to join in with ready for 31st October.

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