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  • HTV Animal print design obsession

    Fancy adding some animal print to your projects?

    Animal print gets a yes from us in the HappyFabric studio. We love how creative you can get with colour combinations and the placement of the vinyl shapes. Plus, you can jazz up an item of clothing, a cushion or anything fabric that catches your eye.

    Create the ultimate simple yet statement project that no one else will have. Let us show you some examples of our favourite animal projects that we adore!

    Marnie created these outfits for Halloween fun at home. Can anyone guess the film that she was inspired by? Yes...101 Dalmatians, who said Halloween costumes had to be scary? It's such a quick and easy costume that ANYONE can make with a few sheets of our vinyls. Check out our tutorial on how to make your own here.

    These Jaimie Pyjama shorts (Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern) are the most comfy and colour contrasting shorts ever. We love how the colours compliment the lilac fabric and the fact they have an amazing velvet-like texture. That's thanks to the Grey HappyFlock which brings a soft feel to night-wear.

    A trip to the zoo inspired Hayley's initial over-sized jumper. It is the ultimate Giraffe print created within a letter 'H'. The HappyFlock colours were perfect for this make and create a beautiful finish to a cosy, Autumn outfit.

    Hand cut leopard print shapes layered in HappyFlex vinyl, along with the very top HappyFlock layer have created a piece of art around this t-shirt neckline. The contrast in colours gives a pop that we cannot resist!

    A prowling leopard cushion adds a fun element to a bed, sofa or chair. We hand cut the vinyl and layered the shapes to create a simple illustrative look.

    Why not create a decorative piece for the wall? Simply layer HappyFlex vinyl to create a printed look which has a smooth, soft surface.

    We adore these two projects created by @loveleigh.makes on instagram. For a single printed feel why not go for a simple black or white design to create your silhouette/ outline? The added star creates a funky look adding character and a pop of colour.

    Maybe a more minimal colour scheme would work with your wardrobe? We are so in love with @lucyhannahmakes make. By using beautiful fabric from @minervacrafts she has created her own beautiful top finished with our Heat Transfer Vinyls to create this stunning oversized leopard print to the sleeves.

    What kind of animal print will you create?

    Check out more of our projects on our social channels below. Also don't forget to tag us in your projects as we love to see what crafty designs you have been creating.

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  • How To: Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

    HTV Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

    It comes to that time of year when I ask myself the dreaded question of which Halloween costume am I going to make this year? Well fear not. I have created a super quick and easy costume that ANYONE can create. With a plain white tee and a few sheets on vinyl you can become your favorite character. This year I have created matching dalmatian tees for me and my daughter. She loves 100 and 1 dalmatians so I thought this would be perfect and I can join in too. Dressing up isn’t just for the kids.

    What you will need…

    White T Shirt

    Iron/Heat Press

    HappyFlock -Black

    HappyFlex- Red/Light Blue

    HappyGlitter – Gold




    1. Pre heat your iron/heat press to 165 degrees.
    2. Give your tee a pre press to remove any moisture within the fabric. This will allow your vinyl to adhere to the fabric.
    3. Take your HappyFlock and begin to cut out un-perfect spots. All different shapes and sizes will be perfect as this will make your dalmatian pattern more realistic. Big ones and small ones are all good.
    4. Lay your tee out flat and begin to place your spots where you would like them. Be sure not to overlap any at this point.
    5. Once you are happy with your layout, cover the spots over with greaseproof paper and apply firm pressure to your iron/heat press for about 15seconds. Be sure not to move your iron around while applying the pressure.
    6. Once all the spots are fused into place allow the vinyl to cool, before peeling away the plastic carrier on top of the vinyl.
    7. Once all plastic carriers have been removed you can now start to add any other spots that you would like to overlap. Repeat the fusing process again.

    Now it’s time to create the collar. I have used HappyFlex Light Blue and Red, along with HappyGlitter Gold for the Licence.

    1. Lower the heat of your iron/press to 150degrees.
    2. Add a piece of paper to the neckline, and then with your pencil feel the ridge of the neckline and trace it onto the paper.
    3. Then Cut that line out and check it sits nicely around the neck of the tee. Trim away any over lap if necessary. Draw another line about 2 cm away from the original to create arch, then cut this out. This will create the template for collar.
    4. Grab your HappyFlex and draw around your template onto the back of the vinyl (shiny side facing down) and cut out.
    5. Once it is cut out, lay into place on the tee and fuse like before but only for 10seconds this time. HappyFlex does not need as long a time to fuse.
    6. Once you have fused the collar into place remove the plastic carrier.
    7. Now to make the HappyGlitter Gold Licence. Hand cut a diamond shape in Gold HappyGlitter vinyl and lay in place.
    8. Lay the diamond at the bottom of the collar and add a small sliver to the top point of the diamond this will make the licence look as if it is hanging. Once you are happy with the placement fuse into place.
    9. Remove plastic carriers one last time to reveal the glitteriest HappyGlitter Licence.
    10. WOOF WOOF WOOF – You are now a dalmatian. Why not continue the dalmatian print onto a pair of white trousers to complete the look!

    I hope you love the quick and easy step by step guide to our Dalmatian costume.

  • How to: Halloween HTV t-shirt

    We love a halloween pun in the HappyFabric office and we are just creepin' it real with this project. If you want a way to join in with the Halloween festivities this year, what better way to dress up than with a slogan tee!

    Whether you are having a small party, a zoom call or playing games it will add a little extra fun to October 2020. Let's get straight into it and show you how we created our spook-tacular t-shirt.

    For this project you will need:

    1. Measure how wide you would like your design to be.

    2. Create your artwork using your cutting machine software. We are using Silhouette Studio with our Silhouette Cameo 4 machine.

    Make sure you reverse your lettering ready to cut.

    3. Change the settings to suit the vinyl type. For Silhouette Studio we chose 'Heat transfer Flock' for HappyFlock vinyl. Add the vinyl to the mat shiny side down and insert into the machine. Send your design to cut and watch the machine go!

    4. Weed your design to reveal the lettering.

    If you are hand cutting your design you could draw around a stencil or template and cut the vinyl with scissors.

    5. Always pre-press your fabric before to eliminate creases and moisture. Then add the vinyl shiny side up and add grease-proof paper. Press with an iron or HappyPress for 15 seconds (165c). Make sure each letter has an even amount of heat and time being pressed.

    6. Once HappyFlock is cool to touch, peel away the carrier.

    It's complete! Just leave for 2 days before washing and you can wear this year after year. It's a simple way to dress up without having to go all out with a costume.

    Why not all create a fun t-shirt in your household?

    Who can make the spookiest t-shirt?

    Check out more of our vinyl colours and effects here.

    Don't forget to tag us on our social channels so we can see your spooky outfit this year!

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