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  • How to: Leopard print shorts

    Learn how to create these fun leopard print shorts for a Summer outfit or bed time pyjama set.

    Give your shorts a personalised design with hand cut HappyFabric vinyls in your chosen colour palette.

    During a fab live instagram video with @sew.craft.megan we discussed some of our favourite projects using HappyFabric vinyls. This has led to us decorating a new project.

    We finished our live with a new, exciting project we will be working on next. It was time to create a poll for all our lovely followers to vote for their favourite design idea. The slogan 'Life's Peachy' for Megans beautiful, handmade peach striped tee won the vote. Leopard print won the vote for our newly made pyjama shorts project. Thank you for your votes! Here is our mood board of ideas and colours which initially inspired us.

    We wanted to show you exactly how you could create leopard print onto almost any textile using scissors, HappyFabric vinyl and an iron or heat press.

    We are a big fan of this technique as you do not have to worry too much about the shapes and placement. Just have fun with it!

    Come craft with us...

    For this project you will need:

    Step 1: Draw your inner leopard print spots onto the back (non shiny side) of the HappyFlex vinyl using biro pen. These can be random, fun blob shapes.

    Step 2: Cut around your shapes making sure all pen marks have been cut away. This will avoid any pen marks pressing onto your fabric later on.

    Step 3: Next repeat the process with the HappyFlock by drawing onto the back of the vinyl. This time make the shapes bubbly 'C' shapes and dots. Cut these out, again making sure there are no pen marks left on the vinyl.

    Step 4: Add the HappyFlex shapes shiny side up onto the fabric. Add greaseproof paper on top and press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

    For an iron press each shape on the 2 dot temperature setting, for 10 seconds on a hard, even surface.

    Step 5: Once cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier off of each shape. This is important as this will reveal its smooth texture ready for the HappyFlock layer to be pressed.

    Step 6: Add the HappyFlock shapes shiny side up and add greaseproof paper on top. Press the HappyFlock for 15 seconds at 165 degrees. For an iron press each shape for 15 seconds on a hard, even surface. Change the heat setting to mid 2 dot to 3 dot.

    Step 7: Once cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier off of each grey shape to reveal its soft, velvety texture.

    TAH DAH! How fun are these? Imagine these paired with a mint coloured top or a lilac cami. These could be worn to bed or we would even wear these on a Summers day for a fun, comfy outfit. We love the colour popping mint against the lilac fabric!

    What would you add to yours?

  • How to: Shoe bag

    Shoe-a-holics this project is for you! Shoes can be hard to store away especially if they not ones you wear everyday, where do you put them all?

    How about this shoe bag made for all your special shoes which can be stored in a cupboard or wardrobe? This is the most handiest bag to hide the shoe clutter.

    For this project you will need:

    Step 1: Create your image in Silhouette studio or your cutting machine programme. Alternatively, you could print off a template to draw around and cut out.

    Step 2: Place the vinyl shiny side down onto the cutting mat and send your designs to be cut.

    If you are hand cutting the vinyl, draw around your template onto the back (non shiny side) of the vinyl. You can then cut this out with scissors making sure all the pen marks have been cut away.

    Step 3: If you have machine cut your design, weed out the access vinyl to reveal your shoe.

    Step 4: Peel the plastic carrier off of the HappyGlitter vinyl and hole punch some stars in different sizes. This will add some extra sparkle to your project.

    Step 5: Decide on your placement for the vinyl to get an idea of the positioning.

    Step 6: Pre- press your bag to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric. Then add your shoe shiny side up onto the bag, add greaseproof paper and press.

    Heat press: Temperature: 150 degrees. Time: 10 seconds

    Iron: Temperature: 2 dot setting. Time: 10 seconds across the design in sections.

    Step 7: Once cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier.

    Step 8: We then added the stars in place and added greaseproof paper and pressed again as before.

    You now have the perfect personalised bag for all your special shoes to keep neatly stored away. It's almost like a special dust bag. This would be adorable for children's shoe bags too, whether it's for ballet pumps or football boots. We couldn't resist adding the disco balls to the ends too as an extra touch for all the party shoes.

  • How to: Hand cut a flamingo design

    Did someone say pink, glittery flamingos?

    If you love pink glitter this is definitely the project for you or someone you know. Once you've pressed it onto your project you can admire the glistening colours in the light.

    We have put together the steps for hand cutting a flamingo, which you could add to a t-shirt, cushion or notebook.

    Here is what you will need:

    Flamingo paper template (image available at the bottom of the blog)

    HappyGlitter Pink

    HappyFlex Grey & Pastel Pink


    Iron/ heatpress

    Project of choice, we have chosen a notebook (From Ikea)

    1. Cut your flamingo template out. Here are the different sections you will need for each colour.

    2. Draw around your template onto the back (non-shiny side) of the vinyl. We have used a biro pen ad reversed our flamingo template so when it is flipped the correct way it is the direction desired.

    3. Cut around your shapes making sure all the pen marks have been cut away.

    If you leave the pen marks on the back of the vinyl this may transfer to your project when ironing it on.

    Here are all the shapes together ready to be pressed onto the notebook.

    4. Add the legs shiny side up onto the notebook and place greaseproof paper on top.

    Press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees. We are using our HappyPress 3.

    If you are using an iron press for 10 seconds across the design making sure all the edges have had the heat. The temperature setting needed for the iron is the 2 dot setting.

    5. Once the HappyFlex is cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier.

    6. Repeat the pressing and peeling steps with each section.

    We then decided we wanted to add some lettering to the book. We thought 'Fab like a' and the glittery flamingo image would add a really fu element, especially for a gift.

    7. We drew straight onto the plastic carrier using a marker pen and then cut these out carefully. The hand lettering adds a little personal touch which would be totally unique.

    We love how simple this project was to create and of course the gorgeous glitter that pops against the light pink!

    Another fab thing about HappyGlitter is that then you touch it, you don't get glittery hands as it is all compact in the vinyl.

    What will you add HappyGlitter to next?

    Check out our full range of colours here.

  • How to: create an initial glitter purse

    Ever remember those personalised gifts you used to find as a kid in shops, where you could spin the stand around, looking for your name on a headband or keyring?

    We are reminiscing those times wanting to personalise handmade items or specially bought gifts with a name or initial to add the final touch. We thought, how cute it would be to personalise a purse to store receipts and loose change in.

    In 5 easy steps you could add an initial in less than 15 minutes to your project and here's how:

    You will need:

    • Iron
    • Greaseproof paper
    • A fabric purse

    How to:

    Step 1: Measure your purse to get an idea of what size you would like your letter to be. We chose 2.5 inches for our purse.

    Step 2: Choose a font on your cutting machine programme (we are using Silhouette studio). Make sure the letter fits your chosen measurements and flip it horizontally ready to cut.

    Alternatively you could hand cut your letter using a stencil to draw around onto the vinyl or use your own handmade template.

    Step 3: Weed out your design to reveal your letter attached to the plastic carrier.

    Step 4: Place your letter shiny side up onto the purse and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron (on the 2 dot setting) for 10 seconds across the letter. Make sure you pay attention to all the edges too.

    Step 5: Peel the plastic carrier away while warm and you have a personalised purse ready to gift or may be you might want to make one for yourself too!

    Here's a close up of the glitter and we are obsessed with how sparkly it is! The black against this calico coloured fabric creates a great minimal look that would match with any bag or outfit. You could also go bright and choose some funky colour combinations and even try layering a shadow underneath using HappyFlex.

  • HTV vinyl packs

    Need a good starter pack for using Heat transfer vinyl?

    These packs are the perfect crafty project where you only need: Scissors, an iron and a pen. Let your imagination take you away with projects from t-shirt up-cycling, card making, cushion decorating or maybe personalising a pair of trainers. 

    With our exclusive packs you will get a pre-cut sheet of vinyl ready to cut out and iron straight onto fabric. It also includes a variety of A4 coloured sheets with different effects!

    The great outdoors pack

    Nature lovers unite, this vinyl pack features hand drawn pre-cuts centred around Spring/Summer and- you guessed it- the great outdoors! From monstera leaves to flamingos, there’s something for everyone.

    This pack includes:

    • Ready cut shapes for you to add onto your project. Simply cut around the design and iron them on.   
    • Instruction sheet and greaseproof paper

    The doodle pack

    This doodle pack includes some of the cutest pre-cuts we’ve ever created. There’s a mix of dinosaurs, space-themed designs and even hearts and cupcakes to give everybody a taste of what they like!

    • Ready cut shapes for you to add onto your project. Simply cut around the design and iron them on.   
    • Instruction sheet and greaseproof paper

    Which pack is your favourite?

    For more of our vinyl colour bundles check out the link here.

  • How to: to make and decorate a knotted head band using HappyFabric vinyl

    Hair accessory obsessed at the moment after making our hair clip tutorial; we just had to test out creating another accessory. This time we have crafted up a knotted head band. This worked so well, we wanted to share with you the really simple process to making your own.

    This is great if you have old head bands lying around in your drawers as they can be repurposed into something new. Maybe to match your fave outfit or in your most worn colour.

    You will need:

    Step 1: Measure around the circumference of the head band. Then add an extra 4 inches to this measurement. This is the length of fabric you will need. Next measure the width of the band and triple this number.

    For example: The circumference is 15 inches + 4 inches = 19 inches - This is the length of your fabric.

    The width is 1 inch X3 = 3 inches - This is the width of your fabric.

    Step 2: Draw out your measurements onto your fabric using a pen or dress makers chalk. Cut your fabric out around your drawn lines. You should have a long rectangular shape.

    Step 3: Using a hole punch create lots of circles by punching through the vinyl. If you are hole punching HappyFlex make sure you have a sharp small hole punch. If you are using HappyGlitter or HappyFlock it is best to take the plastic carrier off of the vinyl and then hole punching. You could also choose a funky shape!

    Step 4: Pre-press your fabric with an iron or heat press.

    Step 5: Place your dots shiny side up onto the fabric. If you have taken the plastic carrier off of the Flock or Glitter place them textured side up.

    Step 6: Add greaseproof paper on top and press with a heat press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

    If you are using an iron press each dot for 10 seconds on the 2 dot setting.

    Step 7: Once cool to touch peel away each plastic carrier if it is still attached to your vinyl.

    Step 8: Glue gun the middle point of your fabric and add the middle of the head band to this. We are using a glue gun.

    Step 9: Keep gluing around the edges slowly adding more fabric to the band bit by bit. Fold back the ends and secure with glue neatly.

    Step 10: Repeat the pressing and peeling process with a smaller length of fabric and fold and glue the edges over to create a neat edge. This time tie it around the middle of the head band creating a neat knot. You can then glue this in place and glue the ends under the band.

    Yay! It's finished! You now have your very own unique headband. Imagine adding a name to the top or a bit of HappyGlitter along with some sew on embellishment. People will definitely be asking where you get your hair accessories from. Bright fabrics would work equally as well for a statement accessory with a matching outfit too.

  • July inspiration: Vinyl colours in your home

    Home decoration and cosy furnishings have been inspiring us throughout lockdown. Of course, Pinterest has had us dreaming of beautiful colours, keeping us calm, motivated and crafting.

    We have chosen a few rooms on Pinterest which have inspired us to create tonal and bright colour palettes in our vinyls. From HappyFlock to Glitter there is a colour mood to make you feel good in these 8 mood boards we have put together.

    Why not create something for the home in your colour palette?

    All images can be found here on Pinterest:

    Warm, calming tones from creams, rose gold and brown shades would set a tranquil scene with decorated HappyFlex vinyl cushions. These colours really do give a relaxing and airy feel to a room.

    Pinterest photo

    This bathroom inspired us for its bold use of contrasting colour with a natural, tropical feel. We mixed and matched our vinyls for this mood using HappyFlock, HappyGlitter and HappyFlex for a holiday mood. We think these colours would look fab on a fabric plant holder or tropical wall hanging.

    Pinterest photo

    A minimal look can create a crisp look with lots of interior decor together. We've created a simple mood with HappyFlex, HappyFashion and HappyFlock which would be perfect to label fabric storage boxes or personalise a blanket.

    Pinterest photo

    For a bolder look, why not mix and match strong contrasting colours for the ultimate colour pop. We have chosen HappyGlitter, HappyFlock and HappyFashion, perfect for wall hangings, adding detail to photo frames and cushions.

    Pinterest photo

    With Summer here these warm colours will add a little happiness to any home, along with matching flowers. HappyFlex or HappyFlock could add a bit of brightness to a notebook, fabric pencil pot or maybe a note card.

    Pinterest photo

    These earthy colours add some depth and natural warmth to a room with cosy browns and creams. This HappyFlex and HappyFlock combination would suit kitchen cushions, a door hanger, labelling vegetable bags or even a recipe book.

    Pinterest photo

    Dark blue walls are very popular adding interest to a room. Pairing this with some warm colours gives it the ultimate pop. We have brought together HappyFlock, HappyGlitter and HappyFlex which would suit any lounge adding extra detail. You could use HappyFabric vinyl to decorate embroidery hoops, throws, coasters or napkins.

    Pinterest photo

    How adorable is this sewing room? These pastel shades paired together create soft tones with colour bursts. This mood includes HappyFlex and HappyGlitter which could be used onto bunting, wall hangings, tote bags or even that handmade dress you've wanted to add some detail to.

    Pinterest photo

    We would love to see your homeware creations and how you have used our vinyl to create a cosy home. Feel free to tag us in your creations on our social media channels linked below, so we can see your wonderful projects. Whether you have a colour scheme or a mix and match of bold colours, there is a vinyl colour that could suit your plan.

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