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  • Men's crafting ideas using HTV

    Need some crafting ideas for Fathers day?

    Look no further, as we have lots of ideas for gifts that will light up any Dad's or Grandad's faces.

    1. A HappyFlex matching top and baby grow is an adorable gift from a little one. You could match in opposite colours or go completely "matchy matchy".

    2. A really simple gift without any need for wrapping would be this sweet treat box which can be reused for storage. Fill it with lots of his favourite sweets/ chocolate or even homemade goodies.

    Created using HappyFlex vinyl.

    3. It's BBQ season, so it's the perfect time to get the ultimate king apron out.

    Why not personalise this with a name or 'Dad'? We have used HappyFlex with HappyFlock star and crown details.

    4. A decorative banner is the cutest way to create a piece that can be hung in the shed, a workspace or pride of place in the living room.

    Created using HappyFlex.

    5. You may want to bake something special. A decorative cake topper or in our case, a cookie topper, finishes them off with a celebratory style.

    Created using HappyFlex.

    6. A great way to reserve the best seat in the house is with this cushion idea in HappyFlex. You could even add a remote control pocket for a bit of fun!

    7. A notebook with a little message will not only help with organisation but he will know which notebook is which too!

    Created using HappyFlex.

    8. A zip up wash bag or bits and bobs pouch is always handy to leave in the car or carry the little necessities in. Yes, maybe a few chocolate snacks too!

    Created using HappyFlex.

    9. Jazzing up a tie is a fun, novelty gift that he can wear with pride.

    Created using HappyGlitter.

    10. Whether he's just got into gardening recently or has always had green fingers; a personalised pair of garden gloves are something that will make him smile while gardening.

    Created using HappyFlex.

    11. A truck or car fanatic would love this detailed t-shirt ready for their road trips. It could be their dream vehicle or the exact image of their own.

    Created using HappyFlex.

    12. A personalised garden sign with 'Dad's or 'Grandad's shed' would be a brilliant way to jazz up the garden. For this sign we used HappyFlex vinyl with a leaf design as an added detail.

    13. A cork coaster for the important tea/ coffee making in the morning could be personalised with his favourite colours or design.

    Created using HappyFlex.

    14. Decorative flags are a fun project for children to get involved in made from felt and HappyFlex vinyl. They could be used to decorate the house or waved around the garden.

    15. A handmade card with a special effect like these would be a great way of using up any scrap pieces of vinyl you may have from previous projects. We have used HappyFashion Multi and we cannot get enough of it! *heart eye emoji*

    We hope you are feeling inspired by our vinyl projects to craft your own gifts. We also have lots more ideas that we pin to our Pinterest boards that may be helpful for your next project.

    Happy crafting!


  • How to: use HappyFlex on wood

    We are virtually welcoming you into a garden where the herbs are actually growing, (yay) and the fresh air is making its way to you through this screen. Unfortunately we don't have a 4D option, but what we do have, is a tutorial on how to add a fun sign to your garden or home, with a mini tour of the garden.

    For this weeks blog we thought we would show you the steps to make your very own garden sign using a vinyl cutting machine. You can use our vinyls with a variety of cutters including Silhouette, Circuit and Brother Scan n Cut.

    If you don't have a machine, do not worry, as you could create a stencil by printing out your font onto paper and cutting this out. You could then use this as a template to draw around onto the vinyl. Then using scissors cut your design out.

    Why not make the sign personal to a room in your house too? It could be cooking related for your kitchen or sleep related for your bedroom... Zzz.

    For this project you will need:

    -Flat, unvarnished wooden sign (We found ours from Hobbycraft)

    -HappyFlex A4 Black and Dark green

    -Greaseproof paper

    -Iron (2 dot setting/ 150 degrees)

    -Weeding tool


    -Cutting machine

    Step 1: Type out your wording using your desired font, then flip it horizontally. Make sure the size of your font will fit on your project. You can check this by measuring your sign and then adjusting the size of your lettering.

    Step 2: Change your settings to to suit HappyFlex. For Silhouette studio we have chosen 'Heat transfer smooth' make sure the force and speed are both at 8.

    Step 3: Place the vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and insert this into the machine. You can now press 'send as is' from your computer and your machine will start cutting.

    Step 4: Weed your design out using a weeding tool to reveal your design. Carefully peel away any access vinyl. Also remember to carefully pick out the centre of the letters 'e' and 'o'.

    Optional: You can cut your words out separately with scissors if you would like to place the words further apart on your sign.

    We then cut out a leaf design on our machine using HappyFlex Dark Green for an extra added detail.

    Step 5: Place your design shiny side facing you onto the wood. Once you are happy with the placement add greaseproof paper and press with an iron (2 dot setting).

    Carefully press all elements of the design for 10 seconds.

    Step 6: Once cool to touch gently try to peel away the plastic carriers. If some areas haven't quite stuck, add greaseproof paper and press again for a few seconds. Sometimes wood can take less time or a little longer depending on what type.

    Your sign is now complete and you can hang it up in a cosy garden seating area or outside your back door. Alternatively, if you don't have a garden you could create a positive quote or a name sign to add to a bedroom door or hang in a room.

    After running around the garden holding it up to every spot, we think this could be where it will live, in this little corner of the garden.

    Here are our plant labels we created in a previous blog post. You can find this here.

    Look at these two little helpers that couldn't resist getting stuck in. They were investigating which plant went to which label and knew instantly that they didn't all match.

    Did you know you can use HappyFabric vinyl onto smooth, unvarnished wood? We have a new blog post which shows you all the steps to make your very own garden sign.☀️??

    Gepostet von Happyfabricuk am Freitag, 22. Mai 2020

    We hope you enjoyed our mini tour and have lots of fun making and decorating your home/ garden!

  • HappyFabric Q&A

    1. What type of vinyl do you sell and what material is it suited to?

    We specialise in heat transfer vinyl which can be applied with an iron or heat press.

    We have many different effects including HappyFlex, HappyFlex stretch, HappyFlock, HappyGlitter, HappyFashion and more.

    It is suitable to use onto a wide variety of fabrics, paper, card, felt and smooth, unvarnished wood.

    2. What do these vinyl effects feel like?

    HappyFlex has a smooth matt surface.

    HappyFlex Stretch has a smooth, soft to touch finish which can stretch very well.

    HappyGlitter is textured with small glitter particles, which do not come off when rubbing.

    HappyFlock has a felt, velvet texture.

    HappyFashion has a smooth, holographic surface.

    3. What do I need to get started with HTV?

    If it is your first time using HappyFabric heat transfer vinyl, you will need an iron, greaseproof paper, scissors, pen and our vinyl.

    Our vinyls can also be cut on a cutting machine and attached using a heat press.

    4. Do you have any tutorials on how to use your vinyl with ideas?

    Yes, we have tutorials on our Youtube channel which can be found here.

    We create regular stories and IGTV videos on our instagram page.

    You can find videos and photos of our latest creations on our Facebook page.

    We also have weekly ideas and step by steps on our blog. Different projects can be searched using the monthly tabs at the side.

    5. What cutting machines can I use your vinyl with?

    You can use HappyFabric vinyl with any machine that can cut vinyl including Silhouette, Circuit and Brother Scan n Cut.

    6. What heat press would you recommend?

    We sell a few different types on our website including the Happy press 3, 2.1 and pro.

    7. What are the differences between the heat presses?

    We sell 3 main different types. This includes a mobile hobby press, professional press and textile business press. You can find all our information on our heat presses here.

    8. Do you sell tools and mats for cutting machines?

    Yes, we sell mats, weeding tools, cover grips, heat pillows and more under our accessories tab.

    9. Do you sell starter kits?

    We sell vinyl bundles which are great for starting out, with a range of colours and effects. We also sell cutting machines and heat press bundles too at a discounted price, which can include a starter vinyl pack.

    10. What settings do I need to use with HappyFabric vinyls?

    You can find our DIY sheet with pressing, cutting and washing settings here.

    11. What do I need to consider if I am washing my fabric for the first time after pressing vinyl onto it?

    The pressed vinyl should rest for 2 days before the first wash - the glue must dry completely and soak into the textile.
    For a longer durability of the design, the textile should always be washed inside out, at max. 40c.

    12. Do I need to mirror my design when using a cutting machine? 

    When using a cutting machine the vinyl needs to be placed shiny side down which means you will be cutting into the back of the vinyl. This means you will need to flip your design if it has a certain direction or if your design uses wording.

    13. Is there anything I need to do to the fabric before pressing the vinyl on?

    Always pre-press your fabric with an iron or heat press to eliminate creases and moisture within the fabric.

    14. How do I hand cut vinyl?

    You can use a stencil to draw around onto the back of the vinyl with a biro pen (make sure you flip your design backwards).

    We often use shaped hole punches which work best with HappyGlitter or HappyFlock, this is because they are thicker vinyl types. Just take the plastic carrier off of the vinyl and then hole punch. Press in the same way with greaseproof paper on top.

    You could print off your design and cut this out to act as a stencil too.

    15. How do I use an iron to attach the vinyl?

    You can use the same pressing motion as a heat press. Simply add your greaseproof paper on top of the design and press onto an even, flat surface. Apply even pressure and make sure every part of your design gets the heat.

    Important: Make sure you iron is on the no steam setting.

    To see an iron or heat press in action check out our previously linked videos in question 3.

    16. Why is there a clear plastic sheet attached to every vinyl sheet?

    Once the vinyl has been cut using a cutting machine the excess vinyl can be peeled away (weeded) and your design will be left on the plastic clear carrier. This is then ready to add to your project.

    Whether you have hand cut our vinyl or machine cut it, once the vinyl has been pressed you can then peel away the plastic carrier to reveal the texture of the vinyl.

    To see this in action check out our previously linked videos in question 3.

    17. Which vinyls are suitable to layer with?

    HappyFlex is the best type of vinyl to layer with as it has a smooth surface.

    A textured vinyl like HappyFlock can be layered on top of the HappyFlex as the very top layer.

    We recommend this way round because if you layer on top of the textured vinyls you may see the texture come through. For example, HappyGlitter with HappyFlex on top will show the glitter texture through.

    18. What is the delivery time on your products?

    Our delivery time is 2-3 days. With the current situation due to Covid-19, we are taking all precautions to keep everyone safe for our staff and customers. We are despatching orders everyday as normal. Due to the current situation slight delays may occur in the postal services by a couple of days.

  • Meet the HappyPresses

    Find out more here.

    Find out more here.

    HappyPress Pro

    The HappyPress Pro is the perfect addition for anyone who regularly prints garments. The upgrade for the HappyPress offers comfortable working for anyone who often prints large quantities. 

    Find out more here.

    Find out more here.

  • May inspiration through colour

    You may have heard of the amazing instarainbow challenge on instagram which Heartzeena and Talliwall created. This challenge saw many people dress in different shades of colour from the rainbow each day. We loved seeing the joy of a colourful community coming together and it has completely inspired us for our May inspiration blog this month. Spreading a smile and radiating positivity has been appearing across online platforms, our window displays and outfit choices.

    We have put together lots of images from Pinterest that we have seen this past month, which are perfect rainbow colours, starting off with red. Some of these include crafts, outfits and accessories. We couldn't resist adding a few of our own favourite makes too. We have added links to all the Pinterest photos so you can have a closer look and be inspired by them.

    From an up-cycled, glamorous dress using HappyGlitter to strawberry cushion details, red is the perfect colour to fall in love with a craft project.

    The little felt flowers are great for home decor all year round with some cute vinyl details. Creating a vase full of these would be amazing!

    The shirt also has an adorable lady bird print which would be fun to add onto clothing, cushions and bags using HappyFlex to layer with.

    Red dress

    Felt flowers

    Strawberry cushion

    Lady bird shirt

    A summery yellow is starting to reflect our summer season coming up. This pineapple top is so simple but really effective, with little leaves poking out of a pocket. You could create anything peeking out from animals to your favourite summer time fruit. Textured leaves would be amazing in HappyFlock.

    A slogan cushion and our HappyFabric toy bag can instantly transform a home adding colour and easy storage. We have definitely be finding storage ideas very helpful to keep our spaces a lot tidier recently.

    Lastly, we couldn't not share the cat jumper because look how comfy it looks.

    Pineapple top


    Lion toy bag

    Cat jumper

    These Spice girls inspired tops were created by the lovely Jen (gingerthreadgrl) in one of our favourite shades of pink. She added bold Signal Red HappyFlex writing that instantly pops and looks fab on the front and back of the top!

    Next is, yes, another cat, but how cute is this sleep mask? These would be great to make out of scrap fabric and personalise with HappyFabric vinyl.

    Finally, the printed tea towel and unicorn decorations caught our eye with beautiful pastels and textured shapes to add to your rooms.

    Girl power t-shirt

    Night mask

    Fabric wrap


    Have you ever seen cactus oven gloves? We came across these on Pinterest and couldn't believe how amazing they looked. It's such a fun idea to create printed fabrics with simple shapes. If using HappyFabric vinyl on oven gloves it would be best to personalise the tops where the heat isn't directly applied to them.

    Creating a fabric plant pot is a fun way to match a home setting and will help to use up fabric scraps you may have.

    The dinosaur top has given us inspiration to decorate more of the backs of our tops. The dino spikes are just too fun!

    The plant labels we also wanted to add as we have created some recently for our home grown herbs from wooden spoons. This has helped us know which plant is which and they look pretty at the same time!

    Cactus oven gloves


    Roarsome top

    Plant labels

    Three-dimensional coasters are minimal and create some fun decor for your coffee or dining table. Did you know our vinyl works onto a flat cork surface?

    The needle case was definitely a must to organise and store needles in our craft cupboard. We decorated it with HappyFlex and HappyGlitter for a personalised label and added a star pattern. Find Craftysewandsews needle case tutorial here.

    The jacket stood out to us for its wonderful warm colouring and interlocking triangle pattern. This could be great inspiration for an up-cycled tote bag.

    This brings us to the little zip up pouch ready for all the essentials or could even be used as a tote bag divider.


    Needle holder



    We spotted this cute tote bag in a lilac shade which would totally match with the wonderful lilac lovers club tees. These were created using HappyFlex by the wonderful Louise and Jenny (Cutonepair). They even created a joining rainbow jumper which we can't get enough of.

    Two other fun crafts include the plant pot bunny ornament and a playful butterfly mask for dressing up! Such cute ideas for children to decorate household items which can be transformed into something new.


    Lilac lovers tops

    Bunny pots

    Butterfly mask

    We are in love with this cloud sweater which creates a dreamy looking outfit with pastel blue. It reminds us of the cloud creations we have added to baby grows and jackets, with little personalised slogans.

    A matching Dad tee and baby grow are the ultimate lockdown photoshoot outfits that make such a cute gift!

    The sparkly socks we created using HappyGlitter for a project in Molliemakes magazine which add the cutest detail to an outfit using a star hole punch.

    Lastly, we have a personalised cushion which marks exactly which chair is who's for chilling in front of the tv, created with HappyFlex writing.

    Cloud sweater

    T-shirt and baby grow

    Star socks

    Grandad cushion

    We hope this inspires you to create something colourful whether it's to brighten your home, to send as a gift or to have a fun play day with the children.

    Let us know what your favourite make is and remember to tag us in your new projects as we love to see them! You never know we may include your work in our next months inspiration blog post.

    Stay safe x

  • Fun bunting t-shirt using HappyFlock vinyl

    Have you ever loved bunting so much you've wanted to wear it, or is it just me?

    With VE Day coming up on Friday 8th May, we thought a t-shirt project, themed around the idea of having an at home tea party would be great fun! It will be the 75th anniversary, which marked the end of the World War II in Europe. A great way of celebrating this would be to fill your home with decorations, baking cakes and creating a themed outfit.

    We will be creating lots of ideas this week with this theme. Our first project on Monday was this cookie label topper perfect for decorating your food.

    Next we needed an outfit to match. Check out the steps below to see how to make our bunting t-shirt.

    For this make you will need:

    1. Draw and cut out a triangle template out of card. You could use cardboard from your recycling to create your template. Then draw with a marker pen around the template onto the shiny side of each vinyl colour.

    2. Cut your triangle shapes out of the red and white HappyFlock, making sure you have enough to fit across your chosen t-shirt.

    3. Pre-press your t-shirt to eliminate all creases and moisture from the fabric. We are using the HappyPress 2.1 but you could also use an iron.

    4. Place your HappyFlock triangles shiny side up onto the fabric, creating your first bunting line. We created ours from the under arm to the hip, alternating red and white.

    5. Next, make sure your iron or heat press is set to 165c/ just above 2 dot setting. Then add greaseproof paper on top of the vinyl. Press for 15 seconds making sure each triangle gets the heat.

    If you are using an iron you will need to make sure each triangle gets 15 seconds heat.

    6. Once cool to touch you can peel away the plastic carrier off of the vinyl. This is the best bit as it will reveal the velvet texture.

    7. Add your second bunting that reaches in the opposite direction using the same pressing and peeling method.

    Your bunting t-shirt is now complete, ready to celebrate at home with a red, white and blue theme! The HappyFlock has a lovely velvet, felt texture, adding a bright, playful finish. What's great is that it can be worn all year round and you could even add a name to personalise it.

    Hope you have fun making!

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