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  • Card making using HappyFashion Multi vinyl

    There's nothing like a homemade card! It's a super special way of keeping in touch with loved ones and having something to admire at home. Having seen some amazing rainbows in people's windows and online, we took to creating rainbow cards.

    Our HappyFashion Multi has a rainbow effect with all the colours mixed which is a great way of making effective rainbow creations. It has an iridescent effect which shines in the light, perfect for an eye-catching card. Any shape cut from this vinyl would look amazing because of its unusual multicoloured effect.

    For making your own rainbow cards you will need:

    Step 1:

    Draw a rainbow arch with a marker pen onto the shiny, coloured side of the vinyl.

    For biro pen: It is easier to draw onto the back of the vinyl. Make sure you reverse your design and cut all pen marks off when you are cutting the shapes out.

    Step 2:

    Cut your shape out using a pair of scissors.

    Step 3:

    Place your shape shiny, coloured side up onto your card, then add greaseproof paper on top.

    Step 4: Press with an iron for 10 seconds making sure the whole shape has even heat and pressure.

    Step 5: Once cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier.

    Your vinyl is now attached and you can add more details if you want to.

    We decided to add some handwriting to the bottom of our rainbow, reading 'Sending lots of hugs'. This creates an extra handmade feel with a sweet message to send.

    We made two more cards from one A4 sheet of vinyl and still have half a sheet left over for more creations.

    Whether you are sending a rainbow, smily face or a heart, whoever receives your card will definitely open it with a smile. These could even be framed to hang on the wall too, as pieces of art.

    A Child's hand print would be another fun idea. Created by drawing around a hand onto the vinyl and adding this to a card. It's a great option if you don't want to get messy with paint.

    The same process can be used with all our vinyl effects to make unique cards. For more inspiration visit our 'Card making with HappyFabric vinyl' blog.

  • April: Inspiring craft projects

    Anyone else feeling super inspired to try a new craft project?

    We are always inspired by all our talented followers who have been busy creating projects from handmade garments to up-cycle projects. What's great about it, is that it really creates an amazing craft community, to share ideas and talk amongst one another.

    For this months inspiration post we thought we would share with you Eight beautiful projects, that have been inspiring us on instagram. There is a great variety from home decorating to wardrobe transformations. Hopefully they inspire you to create something new and exciting like they have us!

    1. @jennifergwinnorton beautiful bunting

    Look at this beautiful bunting created by Jennifer. We are totally in love with the colour combinations of oranges, yellows and blues against the shadowing of the lettering. Not to mention the floral fabric binding which brings a sense of Spring time blooms with matching paper decor.

    For the bunting Jennifer used Navy HappyFlex layered with the Light gold HappyGlitter creating an elegant, dreamy look, which we can't get enough of at the moment. Bunting could be created for so many occasions and you could definitely get a great effect like Jennifer.

    2. @oh_liverpool_lou lilac outfit inspo

    Lilac lovers out there will adore this 'Weekend lover' top created by the lovely Louise. The raindrops add the perfect touch for a little purple rain.

    There was a brilliant challenge on instagram which was all about spreading each colour of the rainbow across your profile with a new coloured outfit each day. This was a challenge created by @heartzeena and @talliwall.

    Louise perfected every colour, pose and backdrop, if you haven't seen already definitely take a look at her profile. This cute tee was created using HappyFlex to give a sleek, stylish look. We need one!

    3. @julietuzor_ useful laundry bags

    Julie created these handmade laundry bags which can be created in less than an hour. Her choice of the pin stripe fabric with the stand out black HappyFlock and Flex vinyl on top, caught our eye straight away.

    The little draw strings tie it together, yes literally but also with a pop of a peachy, pastel colour, which is adorable. These bags are really useful and are great to make for others who may need help during this time. Check out Julies tutorial on how to make your own here.

    4. I_seam_sew_happy_xx adorable dungarees

    How comfy do these dungarees look?

    Chantelle made these dungarees from scratch and we cannot get over how adorable they are. With the neatest stitching ever and matching metal details, it really completes a spring time outfit!

    She has also added little HappyFlex love hearts to the pocket in colours that compliment the navy fabric. This simple detail has created a playful pop of colour which we are loving. What can we add love hearts to next?

    We must also mention the colour coordination in this photo. Chantelle's colour matching to her surroundings is spot on! We do love a colourful house and even the door is dreamy.

    5. Nurture.and.cheer cheerful wall hanging

    Emma's sparkly banner is giving us positive vibes to keep busy during lockdown. It might be playing with the kids, dancing round the kitchen while baking or reading your favourite books. It's a great reminder to keep positive and what a beautiful decorative piece to hang on the wall!

    Using our brand NEW Summer Fizz collection, Emma has used the HappyGlitter to add a shining trio of words against this gorgeous polka dot fabric.

    6. Ratherbesewing golden scissors

    Hannah's gorgeously neat embroidery skills combined with HappyGlitter has created the perfect pair of scissors. With glittery texture and dashed embroidery it has created a piece of art. They also match our golden HappyFabric scissors we use in our studio, what a coincidence.

    Hannah downloaded this free motion embroidery template from @sew__jessalli. She stitched through the paper printout straight onto the back pocket of her newly made overalls. It's a brilliant idea to add a personalised detail to a newly made garment or to up-cycle something from your wardrobe!

    7. @thecoescosy up-cycled slippers

    Watching the process of Katie's slippers transform was so fun! She added a range of hand cut botanicals in HappyFlex pastel shades which jazz up this brown suede fabric so well.

    It didn't stop there though, Katie also added some fluffy pom poms and I can't tell you how in love we are with them. They have had a complete makeover and we are here for it. Now it's time to dig out those slippers and get decorating, everyone needs a pair of these.

    8. @biskeebrisht sparkly heart top

    Ruby created this stay at home top as part of her new, stylish quarantine uniform. It has been spreading the love across instagram with it's beautiful combination of pink and sparkly red! She has used HappyGlitter and Flex and created an awesome effect with the way she has cut the lettering inside the hearts. It's highlighted the pink fabric and created a great detail.

    We think she looks fabulous!

    What a fun top to make creating an all over personalised pattern. You could even use small scraps of vinyl to cut lots of shapes to cover your top creating an abstract look.

    We hope you enjoyed reading this months inspiration, we love to share your creations! We will be creating more inspiration blog posts over the coming months so don't forget to share your crafty makes with us.

    Also if there's something you want to see us create feel free to send us a message on our social channels. :)

    Keep crafting and stay safe!

    With love to you all,

    Hayley x

  • DIY Plant markers

    Many of you plant lovers out there may have indoor or outdoor plants that need a little happy message or a label so that you know what it actually is. In my case, I need to know which herb is which, as we have started to grow more of our own.

    Funnily enough, I had some wooden sticks left over from a hot chocolate pack. I had kept them by to make something with. Today I came up with the perfect project to use them for and would love to share with you the simple steps.

    You will need:

    Step 1: Paint or colour your sticks in your desired colour. You could keep them a natural wooden colour or create a strong contrast. I am using a white paint as the background so that my lettering will stand out later on. I then added coloured tips so each name is slightly different.

    Step 2: While you wait for these to completely dry, pick a font on your cutting machine programme that would suit your style. I really like this type written font which gives the words an old school look. Type out your plant names or message. I have written out four of my herb names.

    Step 3: Measure your sticks to see how large you would like your writing to be. Resize your words on the computer to suit this and flip your design backwards ready to be cut.

    Step 4: Add your vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and load this into your machine. Change the settings on your computer to suit the vinyl and then send your design to cut. Unload the mat once this has finished.

    Step 5: Weed out your design to reveal the lettering. Make sure your sticks are completely dry otherwise the vinyl will not adhere to the surface. Place the words shiny side up onto your sticks.

    Step 6: Add greaseproof paper on top and press with an iron (2 dot setting) for 10-15 seconds. Make sure every letter has heat.

    Step 7: Once cool to touch, start to peel away the plastic carrier off of the vinyl. If you see some areas haven't stuck repeat step 6. This may be because some letters have not had enough heat applied to them. Once the carrier has been peeled it will reveal a smooth label onto the surface.

    Step 8: You could add a varnish over the stick if you are keeping them outside. You won't need to do this to indoor plants as they are less likely to get wet. Then display them in your plants as a gift or to brighten up your house or garden.

    Here are some of the markers in their new homes. Now I need to get some recipes together and start adding these herbs to some new dishes.

    It doesn't stop there. I've thought of so many little things these markers could be added to. It could be added to decorate a plant with a Happy Birthday message or a Thank you. It doesn't just have to be plants either. You could create little cake toppers with your message on too!

    It would be great to hear your ideas...Let us know what you would create over on our Facebook page.

  • DIY shoe decorating

    Who else has seen fancy shoes with glitter, rainbows or personalised lettering, all over the internet at the moment?

    I have seen decorative shoes popping up everywhere from high street stores to Pinterest boards. Some shoes can be super expensive and I already have enough in my cupboard, but what if you could up-cycle shoes you already have? Whether it's to cover a stain or create your desired design, we have put together the tips and tricks you need to transform your shoes. By the time you have read this blog post every shoe in your house will have a new lease of life.

    8 shoe decorating ideas:

    1. Rainbow feet

    If you love a bit of HappyGlitter, well a lot of glitter and bright colours then this canvas fabric shoe up-cycle is definitely for you. You cannot go wrong with a bright and cheery rainbow. Just make sure you stuff the shoe with fabric/ tea towels to create a hard surface to iron onto. It may be more fiddly than other projects but it's definitely worth the patience. We have a whole tutorial post on how to make these colourful rainbow shoes made by our crafter Marnie.

    You may want to create your rainbow with a different effect like our star trainers. We simply took the plastic carrier off of the HappyGlitter vinyl and used a hole punch to cut the star shapes out. If you want a more subtle effect you could use a HappyGlitter colour that matches the colour of your shoes so the texture and sparkle shines slightly in the light.

    2. Rainbow stars

    3 . Holiday sandals

    These Fabric swede style sandals were the perfect canvas to add something nautical. With a hand cut anchor in HappyFlock in a contrasting Navy colour and a pop of colour with the Fluo orange they create a great balance for a holiday evening outfit or a stroll along the beach.

    4. Fancy dress

    Adding a design to a canvas shoe is a great way to dress up or create a special theme. For example, above you can see our ghost trainers created with HappyFlock which completed our spooky Halloween costume last year.

    5. Themed shoes

    You may want to create a theme around your design like our guest, the lovely Georgina also known as @sewinthegarden (on instagram) who created this trainer design at HappyFabric HQ. We love her crime scene style tape layered in HappyFlex with sprinkles of HappyGlitter details across the trainers. You can see how much we enjoyed creating these!

    6. Fancy flip flops

    We couldn't resist a pop of red against blue and white pin stripes. These Fabric based shoes were great to experiment with adding a fruity layered design in HappyFlex. We cut the bows off which left a flat surface which was destined for a design. We can also use the bows for another project later on.

    7. Bridal shoes

    Trainers or flip flops creates a special gift for brides or bridesmaids with some beautiful lettering or glamorous glitz. These are the gorgeous HappyGlitter trainers created by the lovely Paige also known as @Paigejoanna (on instagram). She came in for a crafty day and created these before she got married herself, created in her favourite pastel colour palette!

    8. Here is our most recent shoe up-cycle:

    I found a really old pair of trainers in my cupboard after a weekend clear out but just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. I wanted a way to cover stains and to brighten them up. So this is when I decided to use HappyFlock and a heart hole punch. I added this repeat love heart pattern which I was inspired by on Pinterest. I added a random bright red heart to stand out amongst the rest so it made them a little different. What do you think?

    Here are some extra tips and tricks for when you are up-cycling your shoes at home:

    • - Before adding vinyl to your shoe check that it is clean and completely dry.
    • - Only use fabric based shoes.
    • - Stuff the shoe with fabric or a few tea towels to get a hard and flat surface.
    • - Pre-press the fabric surface with an iron before adding your vinyl.
    • - Use greaseproof paper on top of your vinyl when pressing with an iron.
    • - Avoid pressing the iron on any plastic/ rubbery parts of the shoe as these will likely melt.
    • - Hold the iron away from your hands and fingers, (the iron pressing is definitely for the adults).
    • - Use the top of the iron on hard to get areas.

    For a full tutorial on how to add vinyl to your shoes check out our blog post here. You can also watch our youtube video on how to make our star trainers here.

    We would love to see your trainer up-cycle creations! Make sure you tag us in your photos so we can see and use the hash tag #thecraftyupcycle.

    Enjoy making,

    Hayley x

  • How to decorate your own T-shirt

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to tell you all a little about the behind the scenes of making my new sewing project. Hopefully this will inspire you to decorate your very own t-shirt, whether it is handmade or an up-cycle from your wardrobe.

    Here’s a bit about my sewing journey so far. For an update, I hadn’t sewn anything clothing wise since university and I really wanted to get back into making some more handmade projects. The idea of choosing a colour and type of fabric excites me, it’s what makes it a one of a kind. 

    After sewing my striped Nora top by Tilly and the buttons a few months ago, I wanted to make more! It was time to make a trip to get some supplies and get drawing some design ideas.

    My first Nora t-shirt

    A few weeks ago I made a trip to The Cheap shop. Those of you who may not have heard of this shop, it is my favourite place to stock up on all the craft and fabric essentials to fill up your cupboards and drawers. Anyone else a fabric hoarder? 

    I came across a pale blue jersey which instantly caught my eye as a must buy, with the idea of sewing another Nora top. I knew I could add some cute HappyFabric details to create something unique. Last week I got straight to it and created the top in a slightly quicker time, yay! 

    Sewing the Nora t-shirt
    Time to plan my design and decorate

    I came up with 4 main ideas for decorating the top which meant I had to choose just one! Although, it’s a good excuse to make more tops and create them all at some point.

    Those of you who may know, I absolutely love florals and was inspired by the bunches of flowers my Mum displays in her vases every week. I also love a simple star or polka dot to create a pattern which is easy to wear with other clothing.

    Here are my ideas:

    Idea planning

    Idea 1: Floral: How amazing would a whole wreath of flowers around the neckline be? They could join up having small details in different colours and layers in HappyFlex.

    Idea 2: Floral 2: For this idea the placement would be slightly different having bunches of wondering flowers across the shoulders reaching to the neckline! This would be in an Ice blue HappyFlock creating a slight contrast with subtle detail. 

    Idea 3: 
    A range of different sized polka dots covering the fabric with a white or pale blue coloured HappyFlex vinyl. This way I could place the dots exactly where I want them so they are seen in good positions. I do love a polka dot!

    Idea 4:

    Add HappyGlitter or Flock hole punched stars spaced out across the t-shirt. This would create a more going out, glamorous look. This could be in a range of darker more contrasting colours.

    Check out in our IGTV video below to see what design idea I decided on and how you can create your very own.

    Adding my design to the T-shirt
    FREE download on our website

    I have also linked the FREE artwork download, so you can create your own version. Hope you enjoy!

    Hayley x

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