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  • Making the Nora top with a twist!

    Did someone say dress making with a personalised touch?

    Introducing my new favourite me-made project to date!

    I have been so incredibly excited to tell you about my most recent make. I have been creating more and more sewing projects recently from cropping jackets to now making our first t-shirt in the HappyFabric studio.

    I had been eyeing up the Tilly and Buttons new fabric collection for a while now and I finally made a decision on three fabric designs. Yes, it took a lot for me to choose my top three, as I love them all. My plan was to make a simple t-shirt that I could make in a few hours to get back into sewing again as I haven’t made a garment since leaving university.

    We were kindly gifted the Tilly and the Buttons ‘Nora’ pattern (everything used is linked in the tutorial section of this post) and I chose to create the long hem, narrow neckband and short sleeve version. The pattern also has many other elements where you could add a high neckband, long or elbow length sleeves. It is the perfect pattern to get started on with such a versatile style. Sewing this was the best thing I could have done as it has definitely given me the confidence to push myself further to sew more. Plus, how amazing would it be to personalise your own me-made outfit with your own design?

    I particularly liked this Rainbow Breton black cotton jersey as the pastel colours are my absolute favourite and I had a vision in my head to create a retro style slogan across the top in our vinyl. As I was planning I realised that some of our BRAND NEW COLOURS worked gorgeously against the fabric and I just fell in love, what a happy(Fabric) accident.


    You will need:

    -Tilly Buttons ‘Nora’ pattern

    -Rainbow Breton black cotton jersey


    You will need:

    -HappyGlitter: NEW Watermelon, NEW Pale yellow

    -HappyFlock: NEW Mint

    -HappyFlex: Pastel Purple, Light Blue

    -Vinyl cutting machine such as Silhouette Cameo OR Scissors

    -Heat press/ Iron

    -Greaseproof paper

    Included within the Nora pattern are easy to follow instructions to make your T-shirt. Once you have sewn this together you are ready to add your design.

    Cutting the design:

    Step 1:

    Use a cutting machine to cut your design out into the back (non shiny side) of the vinyl. We have chosen to curve our font and cut a variety of coloured vinyls to layer with.

    Tip: Remember to reverse your design before cutting.

    Alternatively you could draw onto the back of the vinyl (non shiny side) and cut your design out by hand.

    Tip: Use a stencil to draw around onto the back of the vinyl – remember to reverse the design and make sure all pen marks have been cut off.

    Step 2:

    If you have used a cutting machine weed out your design- taking the access vinyl away to reveal your design.

    Layering the design:

    Step 3:

    Pre- press your t-shirt to eliminate all creases and moisture from the fabric.

    Step 4:

    Lay your first layer onto the top shiny side up. We used the stripes of the fabric to line up our wording and measured either side to make sure it was central.

    Step 5:

    Press for 10 seconds on the 150 degree (2 dot setting) with greaseproof paper on top.

    Step 6:

    Once cool to touch peel the plastic carrier off of the vinyl to reveal your design.

    Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 using the black vinyl lettering, for this effect we staggered the black over the white to create a shadowing effect.

    Step 8:

    Place each letter on top of the outlined lettering (in white and black) shiny side up. We placed them so that black and white lines could be seen for a highlighted and shadow effect. This is something new we hadn’t tried before and it works so effectively.

    Step 9: Peel the plastic carrier off of each letter once cool to touch (the glitter can be peeled while warm).

    Step 10:

    Give your design a final press for 10 seconds across the top with greaseproof paper on top- This is a must as without the paper on top this will melt the vinyl!

    You now have a completed rainbow top full of gorgeous colours of the retro rainbow, woohoo!

    Now wear it with your favourite jeans or a skirt for a dressy feel.

    Lots of love, Hayley x

  • Embroidery and HappyFabric HTV

    Our wonderful customers have been experimenting with their HappyFabric vinyl and embroidery- and we are seriously impressed! Our Heat Transfer Vinyl is ironed or pressed onto the fabric, and can then be embroidered into to create stunning designs. Whether it's for a garment or just decoration, this trend is seriously cool.

    Image credit: @Egreenillustration

    In this blog we'll be showing you some fantastic examples of 'Mindful embroidery', decorative HTV hoops, Embroidery and HTV (outside the hoop!) and mixed media 3D embroidery hoops!

    'Mindful Embroidery'

    Here are some beautiful examples of embroidery with HappyFabric Heat Transfer Vinyl by the lovely Christine Leech (@SewYeah), from her 'mindful embroidery' workshops!

    Image credit: Christine Leech (@SewYeah on Instagram)
    Image credit: Christine Leech (@SewYeah on Instagram)

    This wonderful combination of HTV and embroidery inspired Megan from @sew.craft.megan to try mindful embroidery for herself! Check out her incredible blog detailing her inspiration and process here. 

    Image credit: @Sew.craft.megan. Source: Blog

    Decorative HTV hoops

    Marnie (@life.of.moo) from HappyFabric has always loved leopard print; and so this beautiful leopard print hoop was born! Some of our amazing customers gave it a go, too!

    Image credit: Holly (@hrf81 on Instagram)
    Image credit: Holly (@hrf81 on Instagram)

    Embroidering with HappyFabric (outside the hoop!)

    Check out these beautiful examples of how you can combine HappyFabric HTV and embroidery- outside of the hoop! We love how each project is completely different but all are so effective.

    Image credit: student's work from @Colchesterfashionandtextiles
    Image credit: @cotton_clara
    Image credit: Christine Leech (@SewYeah on Instagram)

    Mixed media 3D embroidery hoops

    Emma Green from @egreenillustration has created several beautiful hoops combining HTV with embroidery- some major talent in the photos below!

    Image credit: @Egreenillustration
    Image credit: @Egreenillustration
    Image credit: @Egreenillustration

    Hopefully we've given you some inspiration to create a masterpiece! Break out those hoops and get making!

    For more inspiration, visit any of our social media channels, including our Instagram page, Pinterest, Youtube or Facebook.

  • Valentines day craft inspo!

    We give you our best valentines day craft inspiration and colour tips for Feb the 14th.

    Valentines day display of crafts

    The day of love is just around the corner, and whether you're spending it with a partner, friends, pets or having a day of self love- we have you covered craft-wise. We've put together this valentines day inspiration blog to help spread the love in the crafting world this week!

    Below are some of our favourite Valentines makes (past and present) and our top colour schemes from each type of HappyFabric HTV. -This includes photos of our cutest little team member at HappyFabric, Marnie's beautiful little Polly and our heart elbow patch jumper as featured on MollieMakes!

    Our top picks in valentines vinyl colours!:

    Our 'GirlyGirl' bundle is a brilliant mix of vinyl types and shades of pink: taking all of the difficulty out of decisions:

    valentines day inspo girly girl bundle

    Have a favourite type of vinyl? Here are our top picks from HappyFlex, HappyFlock, HappyFashion and HappyGlitter:

    For more valentines day inspo, visit our social media pages, where we'll be uploading projects on the day.

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