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  • SKILLSWAP: How to HTV at home

    The New Year has started in the best way at HappyFabric: skill swapping with Emma from Stitching Me Softly! We learnt how to crochet, and taught Emma how to use our HTV (Heat Transfer/ Iron On Vinyl). Scroll down to see the video, or visit our 'How to Crochet' blog to see the other side of the SKILLSWAP!

    How to use HTV

    We taught Emma all about our HTV and started by decorating a crochet bag for her equipment.

    Emma from stitching me softly with hayley from HappyFabric looking at HTV colours

    HappyFabric HTV is vinyl that can be ironed or pressed on to nearly any textile: anything from T-shirts and wall hangings to wooden signs and shoes! It comes in a brilliant selection of colours and textures (glitter, flocked, etc).

    For the crochet bag, we decided on a design I had previously hand-drawn (a ball of wool). Emma also liked the idea of the word ‘Crochet’ joining up to the wool graphic; as if it were spelt out with wool. This was pressed in HappyFlex Pastel Purple and then layered with HappyFashion Spectrum. It’s a great way of personalising storage and making it your own, it’s definitely giving us a 90’s vibe.

    Emma from Stitching Me Softly made these projects using HappyFlock, HappyFashion, HappyFlex and HappyGlitter vinyl from HappyFabric

    Emma’s next project was a cute little top for her daughter. She drew and hand-cut a rainbow in a variety of vinyls, and how lovely does it look? I hope her daughter loves it just as much as we do! Now it’s time to make an adult sized one!

    Check out the video here to learn a new skill- using HTV:

    So, what are you waiting for? Learn something new! We're using the hashtag #hfskillswap on Instagram to keep all of our SKILLSWAP creations in one place- use the hashtag if you want to get involved so that we can see your makes too!

  • SKILLSWAP: How to crochet

    The New Year has started in the best way at HappyFabric: skill swapping with Emma from Stitching Me Softly! We learnt how to crochet, and taught Emma how to use our HTV (Heat Transfer/ Iron On Vinyl). Scroll down to see the video, or visit our 'How to HTV at home' blog to see the other side of the SKILLSWAP!

    How to Crochet

    Hayley, Jaymie and Emma with materials needed for learning how to crochet in the HappyFabric craft studio

    Emma learned how to crochet whilst pregnant with her second daughter. She began designing children’s clothing because she wanted to make items for her own children that you wouldn’t find on the high street. Since then she has launched the business Stitching Me Softly where she sells items such as clothing and crochet kits, and teaches workshops.

    Having such a wonderful talent in crochet, Emma taught us the basic techniques on how to start on her visit. I learnt how to create a small pot- which is so adorable in a teal recycled cotton cord! The pot is in the photo above- the kit for this is now available to buy here. Meanwhile, Jaymie created a crocheted necklace from a fuchsia cord- kit available here.

    Check out the video here to learn a new skill - Crochet:

  • 5 DIY Customised Mens Gifts

    Handmade gift inspiration for men!

    Guys can be hard enough to buy for- even harder to make for! Not everyone loves the frills and bows that crafters enjoy putting onto their makes...

    but HappyFabric is for everyone, so we decided it's time to create some more masculine pieces! Here you can find 5 easy ideas for DIY mens gifts using HappyFabric Heat Transfer (iron on) Vinyl.

    'Reserved for' Pillow

    This pillow could be personalised to suit any member of the family, or a friend that's always hogging "their spot" on the sofa. We used HappyFlex in White (1m roll) and cut the design using our Silhoutte Cameo 4 machine. Then, we simply removed the cushion from the cover, ironed on the design, and popped the cushion back inside. Ready to reserve!

    Union Jack Laptop Case

    Using HappyFlex in Blue, Signal Red and White (A4 sheets), I hand drew a Union Jack flag onto the back of the vinyl, and cut with scissors. I then pressed the vinyl using a heat press and greaseproof paper (layer by layer). I wanted the case to resemble a distressed or vintage style Union Jack design, so I folded and scratched a little at the vinyl; This will also help the case to age well, as it may not have stayed so beautiful and polished for long, being sat in a backpack/ transported often.

    Personalised football key ring

    Using some fabric scraps in the studio, I used HappyFlex in Black and HappyGlitter in Blue to decorate two circles, then they were hand sewn together and filled with cotton wool for stuffing. Then, simply add a key chain! Check out our full tutorial for this project here!

    'Man stuff' wash bag

    Save the frustration of 'can I just put this in your bag?' when you go on holiday! This would also work well for a pencil case. Here, we used HappyFlex and HappyFlock to add a little texture- the design was cut on the Silhouette Cameo 4 machine, although you could easily draw the lettering onto the back of the vinyl and cut out using scissors (TIP: if you do handcut, make sure to write backwards or flip a stencil so that your writing will be the correct way when pressed). Tutorials for hand drawing and cutting with HTV can be found on our blog.

    Number 1 Dad flag

    This felt flag can be personalised using HappyFabric HTV to suit any mancave- why not take it to a footie game to show they're not the only ones with fans?

    There you have it! 5 easy men's gift ideas. For more ideas on how to use HTV for gifts or everyday textile items, read through our previous blog posts or visit our social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for some step-by-step tutorials!

  • DIY Personalised Football Key Ring- step by step!

    Create something special for your footie mad family member or friend by with a personalised present they can carry with them wherever they go! You could even treat yourself- we'll show you how to make a brilliant key ring using HappyFabric HTV and (hopefully) never lose those keys again!

    You will need:

    HappyFlex in Black, HappyGlitter in Blue, Scissors, Fabric. thread, cotton wool/ material for stuffing, pen/pencil and a needle. Optional: cutting machine (Silhouette Cameo used in this tutorial)


    Use something with a round base to draw around onto the fabric. You will need to do this twice to end up with two circles. The circles should be slightly larger than you want the key ring as you need to make allowance for stitching.


    Cut out both circles using the scissors.


    Using Silhouette Studio (the design software for Silhouette Cameo) or by hand drawing onto the back of the vinyl, create your design. Above, I have written Uncle Jack backwards as the letters will be cut from the back of the vinyl. Then add some pentagon shapes for the football aspect.


    Cut the design out on Silhouette Cameo (you can use any cutting machine) or by hnd with scissors. Reember to cut the same lettering from both HappyFlex Black and HappyGlitter Blue, as this is how we are going to create the shadow effect.


    If cut using a machine peel away the excess vinyl from the design: this is known as 'weeding'.


    Remember the two circles of fabric? It's time to pre-press them. Give them a quick press using a heat press or iron to ensure no moisture or creases are in the fabric (this means the vinyl will stick properly).


    Now that the fabric is warm, place your design onto each piece. Only place the first layer of the design on at this stage.


    Cover with greaseproof paper (be careful not to disturb your design) and then press for ten seconds at 150 (if using an iron, this is the 2 dot setting).


    Once cooled enough to touch, peel away the plastic carrier from each letter/ shape to reveal the smooth surface. Then, add the HappyGlitter layer over top as show above- but slightly to the right so that you can see the black shadowing behind. Cover with greaseproof paper and repeat pressing process.


    Take your two finished circles...
    ... and face them toward each other. You may want to pin them closed (as shown in the next photo) as we will begin to sew.


    Now, carefully sew the two circles together, but make sure to leave a gap big enough to turn the whole thing inside out in the next step!


    Once you're finished sewing, turn everything inside out, to reveal the vinyl.


    You can now stuff the football. Gently push the stuffing into the areas that you can see need more roundness to help create the spherical shape.


    Close the gap to seal the stuffing inside and trim any edges. Sew on a ring or loop some thread to enable the football to be attached to set of keys!


    Present your creation to it's intended recipient- or keep it to admire every time you leave the house!
  • How to use HTV (cheat sheet)

    Here at HappyFabric, we love all things Heat Transfer (Iron on) Vinyl, and we use it everyday! To help you get the best out of our vinyl, we have put together a DIY instruction sheet on how to use them, including cutting settings on Silhouette Studio and temperatures and timings for actually pressing them! You can also download these sheets here, under 'HappyFabric Printing Instructions'.

  • DIY Upcycle Polka Dot Top #thecraftyupcycle

    Blog 1/3 from our latest #thecraftyupcycle challenge YouTube video. In this challenge, Hayley was tasked with finding an entire outfit from our local charity shop to transform using our HappyFabric Heat Transfer (iron on) Vinyl and a sewing machine!

    In the first part (of three) of the challenge, Hayley goes shopping in The British Red Cross shop in Colchester to find her outfit. Back in the HappyFabric studio, she begins the outfit upcycle by adding polka dots to the mustard yellow top.

    Hayley chose HappyFlex Stretch vinyl for this, as the material was fairly stretchy and the vinyl moves well with the fabric.

    In the next video, Hayley completely transforms the long coat she bought from the charity shop- this is where the sewing machine comes in. Scroll down or click the links below to see how she gets on!

    Blog 2: the jacket!

    Blog 3: the jeans!

  • DIY Upcycle Jacket #thecraftyupcycle

    Blog 2/3 from our latest #thecraftyupcycle challenge YouTube video. In this challenge, Hayley was tasked with finding an entire outfit from our local charity shop to transform using our HappyFabric Heat Transfer (iron on) Vinyl and a sewing machine!

    In the second part (of three) of the challenge, Hayley brings out her sewing skills to upcycle the long coat that she found in the British Red Cross shop in Colchester. She cuts just above the pockets to turn it into a more stylish cropped jacket- then adds beautiful HappyFlock stars.

    See before and after images below:

    Scroll down or click the link below to see how she upcycles the last item in the outfit (jeans!) and find out what secret touches she adds to the outfit at the end!

    Blog 3: the jeans!

  • DIY Upcycle Jeans #thecraftyupcycle

    Blog 3/3 from our latest #thecraftyupcycle challenge YouTube video. In this challenge, Hayley was tasked with finding an entire outfit from our local charity shop to transform using our HappyFabric Heat Transfer (iron on) Vinyl and a sewing machine!

    In the third (and final) part of the challenge, Hayley upcycles the jeans and reveals some secret finishing touches to the jeans and jacket. Using a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, she designs a slogan to fit just below the pocket of the jeans, cuts out and irons on.

    The finished outfit! What do you think?

  • Joining the #lilaclovers club!

    Following a tutorial from the lovely Jenny and Louise (from @cutonepair), Hayley created her very own Lilac Lovers jumper! She used HappyFlex in Pastel Purple, Purple and White (A4 sheets) and cut the writing using our Silhouette machine.

    We had such an amazing time with Louise and Jenny when they visited us in the HappyFabric office (below) and they made these fantastic t-shirts dedicated to their favourite colour. We had such a brilliant time, and loved the t-shirts so much, that we just had to join the club, literally.

    To make your very own, visit their blog tutorial here:

    The HappyFlex iron on vinyl needed can be found HERE on our site!

  • How to Hole Punch HTV

    Hi guys!

    Ever wondered how to get the perfect polka dot or patterned finish with HappyFabric vinyl: HappyGlitter or HappyFlock?

    With nothing but a hole punch, sheet of HappyFabric vinyl, greaseproof paper and an iron, you could make any textile item fun and unique. For example, these beautiful polka dot jeans:

    OUR TIP:

    Always peel away the plastic carrier sheet from the vinyl, as shown in the photos below. This ensures that the punch will be able to cut through and it will not blunt your hole punch.

    Here are some of our favourite hole-punched creations:

    Star trainers, created by Marnie here at HappyFabric- watch her tutorial here!
    We used a smaller circle punch to create the little Children in Need inspired polka dots for the gingerbread man's bow tie!
    Here, we've actually used HappyFashion Spectrum to create a lovely starry make up bag.
    The famous Christmas jumper that's so easy to make- full tutorial here
    The cute button nose and stars on this mask were hole punched from HappyGlitter Multi to add some sparkle to a Halloween costume.

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