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  • Cutting some shapes cushion!

    I’ve been cutting shapes in the studio! Dancing as well as actually cutting shapes from our iron-on vinyl. This is the perfect project for you to use all your scraps or you could get the colours to match with your interiors. This make is so easy and it’s perfect for anyone who hasn’t used our heat transfer vinyl before too. It’s a great starter project.

    Here’s some of the inspiration behind this project:

    I absolutely love these warm colours and guess what we have happy fabric vinyl in these colours and they are so great for summer! The shapes are so bold and look hand drawn, which I love! This abstract style is popping up everywhere on the high street but why not create your own with shapes and colours you love onto any of your textiles!

    For this project you will need:

    Step 1

    Draw on the back of each vinyl the shapes you want to add to your cushion. I drew wiggly lines, star shapes, squares, semi-circles and crown shapes. It’s the perfect time to not worry about what you cut and how perfect it is, as this is what gives it the hand made abstract look.

    Step 2

    Cut all your shapes out and place them onto the cushion filling the blank space. Cut some shapes in half and have some running off the edge of the fabric. Any small shapes can be used to fill in the gaps.

    Step 3

    Add greaseproof paper on top of your cushion and press with an iron, on each area for 10 seconds for flex and 15 seconds for flock. The iron is set to just above the 2-dot setting.

    Step 4

    Peel all the plastic top layer pieces off of each shape- the best part!

    The flock will feel fluffy and the flex will be smooth. If you find a shape hasn’t quite stuck down this means the shape may not have had as much heat. Just press it again with an iron, with greaseproof paper on top.

    Tah dah!

    This cushion is perfect to update a room in your house! We have paired ours with a mustard knit and have it in our studio. It is such a great way to add some texture, colour and simple pattern to a room!

    Check out our tutorials on YouTube and Instagram for more.

  • Jeans Customisation Hack - How to Iron Polka Dots On

    Have you ever wanted to own a pair of custom jeans? With our DIY jeans hack now you can. Our crafter Hayley just used our HappyFlock vinyl, a paper punch, and a domestic iron.

    So if you have that pair of jeans at the back of your wardrobe that needs a bit of love or you just want to start from scratch with a new pair. Follow along with our craft tutorial and let us know how you get along.

    Products used: HappyFlock A4 This is our iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl with a velvety finish, but you could try Glitter or Flex too.

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  • Rainbow Love

    Sooo let’s talk rainbows…with Pride this weekend, summer sunshine and happy holidays it’s the ultimate month for colour!

    We are OBSESSED with rainbows whether it’s a classic, monochrome or a tonal colour combination! We’ve got all the colours you need to make a rainbow at Happy Fabric. We’ve brought to you the most colourful and rainbow style projects that we have been creating over the past couple of months.

    We have nine different projects that you could recreate at home using Happy Fabric vinyl and they are ideal for up-cycling old clothing, creating personalised gifts or designing your own accessories.

    A free downloadable Pride artwork sheet is available which you could use as a stencil or use to cut your machine. Find it on our website here:

    rainbow project with heat transfer vinyl

    Pennant flags are super easy to create by cutting triangles from felt. We hand cut our vinyl by drawing our lettering in reverse on the back and cutting this out with scissors. We think this would be perfect to add to your crafting room, children’s bedroom or for party decorations. Adding your own slogan has never looked so good!

    Twinkly trainers are a must have and what better way to create them than with a handful of colour and sparkle. We have created hand cut rainbow and hole punched star trainers, which give them a jazzy, personalised touch. (Watch the vide here)

    Our recent festival jacket (HERE) project was themed around Glastonbury and we went all out, using happy glitter colours that matched the Glastonbury logo. The best part is that you can transform a jacket into something that no one else will have.

    Rainbow jumpers that you could create with your bestie are the most fun to design together. This is a creation we did with Louise and Jenny from Cutonepair who came in for a day full of fun crafts (MORE HERE). Their design came to life when we transformed their jumpers into a colourful rainbow with silhouette cut lettering on the front- ‘On Mondays we wear rainbows’. Louise and Jenny look so fab wearing these! How cute would this be to wear with your bestie?

    Leopard print in bold colours with a touch of glitter transformed a laptop case into a case worthy of being a cute clutch bag. We created this with Jane from Tea and crafting who equally loves leopard print just as much as we do! (READ MORE). What colour leopard print would you create?

    Colourful tops and rainbow pocket shorts are simple ways to add some colour in less than 30 minutes. An amazing way of creating instant shapes with happy glitter would be to take off the top layer of plastic and hole punch your glitter. It’s a great way to add small details to your textiles and it takes minutes.

    Need some more inspiration? We have created a rainbow pinterest board full of all things colour. Check out our pinterest board below.

    Don't forget the free downloadable Pride artwork sheet is available which you could use as a stencil or use to cut your machine. Find it on our website here:

    Whether you are hand cutting, hole punching or using a cutter such as a silhouette or cricut machine you could create your own rainbow design onto a variety of textiles. Remember to tag us in your creations on our social channels as we love to see your recent projects! We may even feature some of your projects.


    I have seen so many floppy summer hats on the high street but not with the slogan or colours I want. This is when I thought, why not make my own?

    The inspiration behind these colours came from a bright orange bikini. I wanted to match the slogan with this to create a fun holiday outfit. I love the fact that the vinyl worked so well onto this flat woven summer hat. The possibilities with slogans or names made it hard to choose but keeping all the scraps means I can create even more!

    For this project you will need:

    • HappyFlock Fluo Orange
    • Pom pom trim
    • Needle and thread
    • Summer hat
    • Scissors or cutting machine
    • For hand cutting, you will need a pen and card
    • Iron ( 2 dot setting)
    • Greaseproof paper

    Step 1:

    Measure around your hat to get the measurements of where you want your writing to go. I measured around the middle of the hat.

    Paradise Found- DIY Summer Hat step 1

    Step 2:

    For hand cutting:

    Draw out a circle this size onto paper and draw your letters around the curve. Cut these letters out to create your stencils.

    For machine cutting:

    Draw your circle on your cutting programme to the size you need and type the lettering to fit around the curve. Then reverse your writing and cut.

    Paradise Found- DIY Summer Hat step 2

    Step 3:

    For hand cutting:

    Draw around your letter stencils on the back of the vinyl making sure the letters are reversed. Remember to cut all the pens marks off to avoid it transferring to your hat.

    For machine cutting:

    Weed your letters ready to be pressed.

    Step 4:

    Place your lettering in the exact position you want it on the hat and add greaseproof paper on top. Then with an iron press with an iron for 10-15 seconds checking the hat.

    Paradise Found- DIY Summer Hat step 4

    Step 5:

    Make sure each letter/ word has even heat. This will mean you need to hold the iron in certain areas carefully lifting the iron and pressing. I then peeled away the top plastic layer off of the vinyl.


    Step 6:

    I then added a pom pom trimming around the hat to give it a finishing touch and stitched this together acting as a band.

    Paradise Found- DIY Summer Hat step 6

    This is a great way to personalise your hat with your own words, shapes and colours. It could be your name, a polka dot, love heart or your favourite place to go on holiday! The possibilities are endless and you can have a unique hat that no one else will have!

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