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  • How To Customise a Deck Chair with Iron-On Vinyl

    As the summer sun is starting to warm up, here at Happy Fabric we are wanting to get super prepared. In fact, this project is one that I have wanted to do since last summer. So today I am going to teach you how to customise a deck chair with iron-on vinyl.

    As some of you might remember summer was extremely busy for us last year so I completely ran out of time, so this has been a year in the planning and I hope you like our video. 

    Let’s face it Everyone loves Ice Cream. What's your favorite flavour?

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  • A Visit from Tea & Crafting (inc video)

    What a better way to kick for The beginning of May than with Old friends?

    On the 1st of May, we had the pleasure of having the lovely Jane from Tea and Crafting come in for a full on day of crafting with our iron-on heat transfer vinyl. I first met Jane about a year ago, where she slid into our DM’s on Instagram to ask about a potential collaboration. Jane owns Tea and Crafting which is a creative space where she holds creative workshops and teaches a huge assortment of different crafts. Super fun place to unleash your inner creative. Make sure you check it out.

    learning to craft with iron on htv

    As we have always done bloggers events with Jane at her workshop space in Covent Garden, we thought it might be nice for her to come and visit us here at Happy Fabric HQ so she can see where we work too.

    We spent the day creating many different projects we started with a laptop case. We brought this laptop case from Amazon in navy which Jane wanted to add a leopard print too. We teamed up different colour ways but settled on HappyFlex in White and FluoPink as the inner parts, and used Gold HappyGlitter as the outer edge. These colours work so so well with the Navy blue, don’t you agree?

    custom laptop case with vinyl

    Jane then wanted to upcycle her crochet bag which she brought in with her. I believe this was brought from Hobby Craft. We thought of a simple word which reflected crochet - ‘HOOKED’. Jane had seen a multicoloured font and wanted to try this out in our vinyl. She picked the four colours she wanted to use and we hand cut the font after printing it from the computer. We then wrote out ‘hooked’ on each colour of the vinyl. To get the look jane wanted we had to be super organised as we has to cut each letter into four different pieces and then carefully match it back up on the back. Once we had mastered it, it quickly fused it all into place and hoped for the best. I think you will agree, it looks AMAZING and super effective. We love a challenge.

    custom diy crochet bag with iron on vinyl

    Next up was a navy sweatshirt Jane had wanted to personalise for ages. She wanted to add a metallic finish to it, so we decided to mix things up a bit and used HappyFlex Stretch in Gold. We haven't actually used this particular vinyl very much, so this was the perfect opportunity to work with it. We decided to use the silhouette cutter and cut a slogan saying ‘Weekend Vibes’ into the vinyl, but instead of picking away the background to be left with the wording, we picked away the wording. We then fused a whole panel of the vinyl onto the sweatshirt, so you could see the sweatshirt colour through the wording, does that make sense? I hope so. We then fused this with the iron. We then added the normal wording underneath. I absolutely love the finish. I think you would agree this is good enough to be sold in a shop!! Love it!

    weekend vibes jumper with htv

    We then used this same technique for another little t-shirt for Jane’s son who loves all things jungle!

    We had the best day crafting and catching up with Jane. We hope to do it again really soon in the future. It is so important to surround yourself with amazing passionate people who share the same love for crafts as you. #FINDYOURTRIBE. Tell us who is in your crafty tribe...

    Watch the highlights of our day with Jane below.


    Everyone loves a polka dot right?

    Polka dots are everywhere at the moment! They have been making an appearance on dresses; shoes and trousers including dots of all sizes and even irregular circles giving a new leopard print vibe.

    I have wanted to up-cycle these beautiful green trousers for a while. They are a pretty bold statement but such a great tailored fit. This then led me to create an inspiration mood board for my next project heat transfer vinyl project.......... polka dot trousers.

    DIY polka dot trousers htv flat lay

    Here’s my mood board, which shows how a simple dot can transform an outfit, a bag or pair of shoes. Multi-coloured polka dots on a white fabric could be a great way of combining the rainbow trend with a simple spot. Another idea is that you could hand cut circles and add them to a bag or shoes giving them a leopard print look. I love the traditional small dots scattered across the trousers almost looking like sprinkles. I decided to keep my trousers simple and add some white dots perfect for a summery look.

    DIY polka dot trousers with htv - mood board

    Now I’m going to show you the simple steps I took to create the effect.

    You will need:

    • HappyFlex vinyl - White
    • A sharp hole circle punch (A small dot works best with HappyFlex)
    • Iron
    • Cover Paper or Grease-proof paper
    • Trousers

    STEP 1:

    Take your HappyFlex white vinyl and hole punch lots of circles. The smaller hole punches work best for this type of vinyl.

    DIY polka dot trousers with htv - hole punch

    STEP 2:

    Pre-press your trousers to get rid of all the creases and any moisture in the fabric.

    STEP 3:

    Add your vinyl dots onto the trousers wherever you want them to be placed. This is the beauty of the vinyl you can place it anywhere on the fabric. This could include the pockets, waistband or just the lower leg.

    I also cut a few dots in half to meet at some of the seams to show the dot coming off of the fabric. You could use some fabric to cushion the seam in the trouser leg while pressing the vinyl onto this area.

    DIY polka dot trousers with htv - dots

    STEP 4:

    Add cover paper on top and press with an iron for 10 seconds. The iron needs to be on the 2 dot setting (150 degrees). Make sure each dot gets the same amount of heat. Do not move your iron too much as this may move the dots out of place.

    DIY polka dot trousers with htv - iron on vinyl

    STEP 5:

    Peel the plastic top layer off of each vinyl dot. Then you have a perfect pair of polka dot trousers without having to repurchase more trousers. This updates and transforms them into a brand new outfit.

    DIY polka dot trousers with htv - hero

    DIY polka dot trousers htv flat lay

    Why not try this onto canvas trainers, fabric bags or hats. The possibilities with up-cycling fabric are endless.

    Check out more tutorials on our Instagram page:

  • Day Dreamer…Up-cycle t-shirt

    Anyone else daydream about their dream outfit?

    This is what I did after creating a retro mood board for inspiration. I sat and thought about what slogan I could add to an old black t-shirt using our iron-on heat transfer vinyl. I came up with ‘Day dreamer’ because…that’s me a daydreamer. Dreaming of all things colourful.

    Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle

    Creating this mood board inspired me to create something retro. I love bubble lettering, happy slogans, rainbow colours, and layering. Statement slogan tees are very on trend at the moment and work so well with a simple pair of jeans.

    Day Dreaner t-shirt HTV upcycle mood board

    For this project you will need:

    HappyFlex vinyl in the following:


    STEP 1:

    If you are cutting by hand:

    Start by drawing your letters in reverse onto the back of the vinyl (non-shiny side). You could use a stencil to draw around.

    Once you have drawn all your letters they can be cut out with scissors.

    If you are using a cutting machine:

    Type out your slogan onto your cutting programme and make sure you flip the lettering backward before cutting. Once the whole design has been cut this can then be weeded (the vinyl pieces you do not need can be taken away).

    Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle htv letters

    STEP 2:

    I then pre-pressed my t-shirt first to make it flat and to take any moisture out.

    The first blue layer could then be placed on. I measured the distance either side and made sure the placement was in the middle using a ruler.

    STEP 3:

    I then added cover paper on top and pressed this for 10 seconds. A tip for when using the iron is to make sure each letter is getting even heat.

    Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle with heat press

    STEP 4:

    The plastic carrier layer can be peeled away once it has cooled slightly (the best part).

    Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle htv peel

    STEP 5:

    Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each layer of colour.

    daydreamer htv progress

    STEP 6:

    I then pressed the t-shirt with the cover paper on top to seal all the vinyl in place.

    I totally love creating a layered effect, as it looks three dimensional and so colourful!

    You can even keep any leftover scraps for your next project!

    Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle htv flat lay

    Check out our Instagram for all our tutorials and new projects!

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