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  • ‘Cut One Pair’ join us in the Happy Fabric HQ

    Last Friday we had the pleasure of the girls from ‘Cut One Pair’ join us in the Happy Fabric HQ. Keep reading to see what they created with our Heat Transfer Vinyl.

    cut one pair at happy fabric vinyl hq

    The girls work together on their Instagram page where they create beautiful projects and show the world how to recreate it themselves. We absolutely love their style and love how they use happy fabric vinyl. When the girls asked if they could come and visit for the day we jumped at the chance of working with them. Just think, four creative brains in one room, the possibilities for amazing creative projects were out of control.

    Jenny and Louise came up with three projects which they wanted to complete while at Happy Fabric. Louise is so talented when it comes to creating mood boards for upcoming projects. She sent these to me ahead of the visit so we could get everything in order for them.

    The first project was a t-shirt to show how much they love the colour lilac. Both the girls are amazing at pattern cutting and had created their own t-shirt using lilac jersey fabric. They then wanted to add the slogan ‘Lilac Lovers Club’ cut out the wording for them which we cut on our silhouette cutter. We taught them how to layer the vinyl to create a shadowed effect on the t-shirt. The girls were so so pleased with the result. We think they look great. Who else wants to join the club, because we do!!!

    The second project was a sweatshirt for a hashtag the girls like to use which is #onmondayswewearrainbows A little spin-off of the mean girls hashtag #onwednesdaywewearpink. The girls wanted to create a large rainbow which went across their backs and then with the slogan across the front. I suggested that maybe their rainbows should meet up in the middle to create a full rainbow, which they loved. We started by creating a pattern in paper so we could get the right shape of the rainbow. We then cut it in half and the girls began to cut out the different colour stripes in HappyFlex ready for layering up and fusing with the iron. I think you will agree, it was so so effective. We ordered Metre lengths of the vinyl so we were able to get a nice clean arch. Did you know our vinyl are available to order by the metre for all of your bigger projects? It actually saves you some pennies too!

    rainbow htv iron on

    The Slogan wording was cut in Black HappyFlex and a Variation of different coloured HappyGlitter. We used the silhouette cutter to get the wording perfectly cut. This saved so much time and made it look expertly finished.

    Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do the final project as we were having so much fun! The girls wanted to make a flower power t-shirt, with loads of different layers of coloured vinyl all over the tee, I will pop their mood board on here so you can see their inspiration. It would be great to see your flower power tees!

    We absolutely love having special guests in the happy fabric studio, we have so much fun. It’s a great way to see how our lovely crafter use our vinylin their own creative way. Talking of our crafters, have you heard about our new AMAZING giveaway? Head over to our Instagram post for all of the information! We can’t wait to see what you guys create!

    cut one pair at happy fabric vinyl hq rainbow

  • Happy Fabric is now Radio 1 Approved!

    So did you hear us on the Radio?

    Last week we had the pleasure of having radio 1 join us in the happy fabric studio!

    Radio 1 launched their R1atWork week where they sent out a team to go into different work places to meet people within their offices. They have visited so many different people and we had the pleasure of having them in to have a play with our iron on vinyls and heat presses.

    arielle free at happy fabric hq

    Arielle, Rouschan, Jamahal, and Lucy were so so excited to have a play with everything we had got them. We cut some old school radio shapes in HappyFashion Spectrum which we fused onto a black tote bag for each of them as well as one for Clara Amfo as we were on her show. We also cut each person’s name out so they could fuse them onto their own bags. We had loads of extra pre cut design which they added on to make the bag extra personalised.

    arielle free with diy htv tote bag

    Talking of Personalised, did you see the amazing Radio One cake toppers we made for the donuts we got in for them? We actually cut the design out in card of the silhouette cutter and then cut the same artwork out in our iron on Glitter. We when fused this over the top of the card. There will be a tutorial on how to create them this coming week.

    radio 1 cake toppers

    We only had limited time as the Radio One team  had to get off to the next workplace. But it was a whirlwind of fun!

    We were gifted a plaque that says ‘Approved Workplace’ with all the signatures of the  Radio One DJ’s. It’s going to live pride of place on our wall for all to see!

    radio 1 approved work place happy fabric

  • Emma Jewell Craft in da house!

    And Yes, Emma’s surname is Jewell in real life! She was born to be covered in glitter and craft her way through life.

    emma jewell craft at happy fabric hq

    I first met Emma back at the Handmade fair last year when she was working on the Cricut stand. I have always followed what Emma makes and creates on her instagram @emmajewellcrafts. She is always creating something new and fancy to WOW and inspire - and that she does! I absolutely love Emma’s style - bright, colourful, and glittery, what is not to love? Emma is a complete expert when it come to the Everything Cricut, so she has loads of ideas when it comes to new heat transfer vinyl projects.

    We started the day with a good catch up over a cuppa tea and a bit of lemon swiss roll. We discussed what we were then going to make for the day. Emma had a great idea for the three of us to create little pennant flags, so out came the thick felt, glue gun and bags of scrap vinyls. We all went for a bright, fun, colourful palette. Emma went for the HappyFashion which seems to be her ‘go-to’ vinyl. Hayley went for a mixture of colourful HappyFlex colours and a touch of Fluo Orange HappyFlock. I went for a mixture of bright contrasting HappyFlex Colours which really popped on the black background. We all put our hand cutting skills to the test and came up with some cool slogans for each flag. I think you will agree they are very effective. (A blog post on ‘how to’ to follow.)

    emma jewell craft at happy fabric hq DIY coat

    Emma had also brought along one of her jackets which she has been adding patches and badges too over the years. She wanted to add something large to the back which reflected her crafty life. She chose to do a slogan which went around in a circle saying ‘I didn’t choose the craft life, the craft life chose me.’ We designed and cut this on the silhouette cutter in Fluo Yellow HappyFlock. Emma then wanted to add a crafty motif to also reflect complete the back. We cut a pair of scissors in Fluo Orange HappyFlock (No.1 Craft essential tool.) to complete the jacket. I love how the fluorescent Flocks stand out against the khaki jacket. Looks pretty damn cool if you ask me.

    If you missed this Craft takeover, don't worry we have saved the best bits on our Instagram stories.

  • Super Simple Bunny Bag

    Super Simple Bunny Bag. Our little Bunny Bag is a great way to create something extra cute when thinking of Easter Activities with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Upcycle an old bag or fabric, and use minimal vinyl to create the cutest face. It doesn’t have to just be just for Easter either, carry your cute bunny all year round.

    DIY easter bag with HTV

    Materials List:

    1. Preheat the iron to 150 degrees.
    2. Cut out some cute little eye shapes in Black HappyFlex, along with a little mouth in the shape of an anchor and some little whiskers. I have done three for each side of the nose.
    3. Begin to place the elements onto the tote bag to create the cute bunny face. Leave a small space between the whiskers for the pom pom nose.
    4. Once you are happy with the placement, cover the vinyl over with some greaseproof and press with the iron for 10-15 seconds. Then carefully remove the plastic carrier.
    5. Now you have the cutest little face, you need to add the little pom pom nose. Work from the back and do a few tack stitches into the pompom so it stays in place.
    6.  Grab the spare tote bag so it is to hand.
    7.  With the Fluo Purple HappyGlitter Cut out 2 oval shape which will act as the colour inside of each ear.
    8. Lay these shape onto the new tote bag and with a pencil draw around them to create a floppy bunny ear shape.
    9. When you are happy with the shape, remove the vinyl shape and pin straight through the tote bag so you are pinning the bag side together.
    10. Cut these out to create the ear shapes.
    11. Do a running stitch around the edge of the ears leaving an opening.
    12. Turn the ears inside out and press them so they are neat.
    13. Grab your Glitter vinyl and add the shapes to each ear. Fuse into place.
    14. Sew the ears to the front of the bag just either side of the handles.
    15. Now grab your yarn and make yourself the cutest pompom. This will add as a little tail on the back. Sew it into place from the inside.

    DIY easter bag with HTV

    There you have it, the cutest little bag you could possibly want. Ready for you to store your Easter Eggs while you’re on your hunt.

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