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  • THAT Polka Dot Coat.

    So do you remember in the summer when everyone went Polka Dot mad? Well, I may still be slightly obsessed. It doesn't help that there is this Polka Dot Coat that KEEPS appearing on my pinterest feed, and it’s all I can think about. When searching for where I could actually buy it, I was so disappointed to find that it is from the American ASOS, and was pretty pricey. So it's time to take matters into my own hands. I NEED THAT COAT!!

    After really evaluating the design of the coat I decided that this would be so unbelievably easy to recreate with a cheaper version of a plain grey coat, some black flock heat transfer vinyl and a large circle paper punch…

    What you will need…

    1. 4 A4 Sheets of Black HappyFlock
    2. 1 Circle Paper Punch
    3. Un-Textured Coat Old or New. Mine was £34.99 from New Look. (link here)
    4. Iron.
    5. Scissors.
    6. Greaseproof Paper.

    DIY Polka Dot Coat hero

    Just follow these steps

    • Preheat your iron to 165 degrees as you will be using flock, this is slightly higher than the 2 dots setting on your domestic iron.
    • Grab the first sheet of HappyFlock and peel away the plastic carrier sheet from the top layer.

    DIY polka dot coat - flock

    • You can now begin to use your paper punch to create your polka dots. Do as many as you can out of your first A4 sheet. You can always make more as you go.
    • Layout your coat flat, on a flat hard surface which is easy to work onto. I have worked on the floor so I can stand back and look at the placement of the dots form higher up.
    • Give the coat a quick pre-press to remove the moisture from the coat.
    • Now you can begin to lay the polka dots onto the coat. I have slightly over lapped some of dots to create a random look.

    DIY polka dot coat - flock placement

    • I have also cut some dots in half and laid them alongside a seam. This makes it look as if the dot was already part of the fabric.
    • When you are happy with the arrangement of the polka dots on the front panels you can begin to use the iron to press them into place.

    DIY polka dot coat - flock iron on

    • Begin to work your way round the coat and press each area as you go. It takes a bit of time, but trust me - its soooooo worth it!!
    • Once you have pressed everything into place, just go back over the coat and check every dot is ironed down securely. This will save you having to come back to iron any later on.
    • HEY PRESTO - Welcome to the Polka Dot Coat Club. Only the coolest of the cool humans get to join! Hehehe!!

    Marnie Goodman Polka Dot Coat

    I hope you enjoyed creating the Polka Dot Coat, don’t forget the polka dots don’t have to be added just to a grey coat. It also doesn't have to be black HappyFlock. It could be Fluo Pink HappyGlitter on a pair of Purple Trousers. The possibilities are endless.

    We can’t wait to see what you create!!


  • How to create your own Party Banner

    With the Christmas season on top of us,  I bet many of you are planning your crafty project for the festive break. I know I definitely am. Because we will be closed as from the 21st of December I am getting all my projects planned and ready to go. So, let’s not forget NEW YEAR!!

    New Year plans are always a pain, as no one ever knows what to do. So I thought I would be prepared just in case a party turns up at my house.

    A Super fun party banner with HappyVinyl which you can use every year to celebrate the new.

    DIY Party Banner Hero

    What you will need.

    • 1 x A4 Heat Transfer Vinyl. I have used HappyGlitter in Holo Gold. *
    • 1 metre of fabric of your choice.
    • Double sided tape / Sewing machine.
    • Iron / Happy Press
    • Happy Cover Grip or similar
    • Letter Stencil.
    • Ballpoint Pen.
    • Scissors / Vinyl Cutter.
    • Fabric Scissors.
    • Wooden Dowel.
    • Tape measure.

    DIY Party Banner shopping list

    *Last day for ordering is Thursday, December 20th. Back January 2nd.

    • I always like to start with the words, as it can be quite a long process to get everything prepared ready for the banner. Grab your stencil a begin to cut out all the letters with paper scissors. Take your time.

    DIY banner step 1

    • Once you have cut out your stencil letters you can begin to use them on the back of your vinyl. So grab your HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and lay it shiny side facing down.
    • When you come to use the stencils make sure you flip them over so they have been reversed, then you can begin to draw around them with a ballpoint pen. This will make it easy for you to see the design on the back of the vinyl.

    DIY banner writing

    • Grab your scissors and begin to cut out all of the letters.
    • Now that your letters have all been cut out you can prepare your fabric. You might want to turn on your iron/heat press and pre-heat it at 150 degrees which will be the 2 dots setting on your domestic iron.
    • While that is heating up grab your fabric and your tape measure. Lay it out flat, then measure and cut out 17 inches in width and 29 inches in length.
    • Then fold the fabric in half and at one end cut a diagonal line this will create the point at the bottom of your banner.
    • Now, this is the part where I like to cheat -  if you have time, get your sewing machine.
    • I add double sided tape all around all edges of the fabric. I then turn the fabric over onto itself and stick it down, tape on tape. If you are using a sewing machine, turn over your edges and sew 1cm allowance the whole way around your fabric. This will create a nice neat edge to your banner.

    DIY banner with tape

    • Then grab your dowl and lay it about 2cm just under the top part of the banner. If you are using tape, apply more tape to the straight edge.
    • Fold the fabric over the top of the dowel and stick it down into place. If you are sewing - sew a straight running stitch straight across the top of the banner. This then creates the tunnel for the dowl to go in which allows the banner to hang from.

    DIY Banner Dowl

    • Now you have got the banner ready, give it a pre-press with the iron.
    • You can now begin to lay your design face up on the banner.
    • Once you are happy with your placement on the letters grab your greaseproof paper and place it over your design, then begin to press it with your iron.

    DIY Banner HTV

    • When ironing on your design be sure to apply firm pressure to the iron. This will help your HTV adhere to the fabric.
    • If you are using HappyGlitter like me you can peel the plastic carrier off straight away.
    • Now find the perfect place to hang the banner, pop open the bubbly and celebrate the new year!!
    DIY Party Banner Hero Made with HappyGlitter

    Don’t forget this doesn’t have to just be a New Year Banner, This could be made for any special occasion that needs celebrating.

    I can’t wait to see your creations. Don’t forget to tag us in any of your makes and we could share them on our social media channels.

    Mucho Love,

    Marnie xxx


    P.P.S. Last day for ordering is Thursday, December 20th. Back January 2nd.

  • A Christmas Confetti Sweater

    Have you seen the Sew Jessalli Christmas Jumper blog for Tilly & The Buttons???

    It looks amazing! Sophia has done such a great job of combining our Happy Vinyl with embroidery.

    Head over to the Tilly & The Buttons Blog here to read the full post. And don't forget to enter their competition if you are making your own Christmas jumper.

    She used our HappyGlitter in fluo pink & green along with HappFlex fluo orange.

    Find Sophia on Instagram @Sew_Jessalli

    make your own christmas jumper tilly and the button


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