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  • How to Make Festive Cushion Covers

    DID YA SEE US? We only went and took over Mollie make Instagram account didn’t we?

    And my word, we had a blast. we partnered up with Mollie Makes to show their followers all about Happy Fabric and what we do here. Sharing my love for our vinyl’s is so so easy to do because of the passion I have for them.

    As it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas I thought I would teach the Mollie Makers how to use our Happy vinyl’s to create their own festive cushion covers, but I didn't want you guys to miss out so here is a quick little guide on how I did it….


    • Happy Vinyl of choice (I used Black HappyFlex and Silver HappyGlitter).
    • ‘All is Calm’ artwork (free download here)
    • Cushion Covers (these came from H&M home).
    • Star shaped cookie cutter.
    • Star-shaped paper punch.
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Iron
    • HappyCover Grip or Greaseproof paper.

    craft vinyl on cushions

    On the cushions there is a mixture of hand-cut and machine cut designs, so something for everyone to join in with.

    htv stars on cushion

    On the mustard cushion cover, I used a star-shaped cookie cutter as my stencil. I drew around this on the back on the heat transfer vinyl in Silver HappyGlitter and Black HappyFlex. I then cut them out and placed them the right side up onto the cushion cover. I then added small star shapes by using a paper punch. Once I was happy with the arrangement of all the stars I covered them over with my HappyCover and pressed them with the iron for about 15 seconds. Once all stars were fused onto the cushion cover I then peeled the plastic carrier off of all the stars.

    htv big star on cushion

    With the pink cushion cover, I wanted to tie in the star theme so I added one larger star to the middle of the cushion cover. I printed a star shape off as large as I could get it to print. I then cut out the star shape and used it as a stencil on the back of the vinyl. I then drew around it in pen and cut it out once again. I repeated the step of pre-pressing the fabric, placed the star in the middle of the cover. I then covered it over again with a HappyCover and pressed it until the whole star was fused, working from one side to the other.

    htv all is calm on cushion

    The blue cushion cover I actually made slightly smaller by turning it inside out and sewing in a new seam along one edge. I made the ‘All is Calm’ artwork on silhouette studio and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the design out. I have uploaded the artwork to our downloads page (here) so it can be downloaded for your own vinyl cutter or you can print it out and use it as a stencil the same way I did with the star stencil. Make sure when you draw around the stencil that you flip the artwork over so it is reverse. This way it will be the right way around when you cut it out.

    I had so much fun doing the Mollie Makes take over and I really hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Welcome to our lovely new followers!!

    We used HappyFlex and HappyGlitter to make these, but any of our Happy Vinyl products will work great too.

    craft vinyl on cushions

  • DIY Advent Calendar

    So we are in late-November, and I have one thing on my mind. It's nearly time to start opening my Advent Calendar.

    So here is my step by step guide on how to create your own advent calendar. I have gone for a black and white theme so I can add pops of colour clashing wrapping paper with all the bows frills.

    Here is what I used...

    • HappyFlex Heat Transfer Vinyl in Black.
    • Iron/Heat press
    • 1 Meter of White Cotton Fabric
    • 5 Meters of Black bias Binding.
    • Number Stencil/Silhouette Cutter
    • Sewing Machine.
    • Tape Measure.

    DIY advent calender hero

    Making The Fabric Advent Calendar

    Step 1

    Preheat your iron on to the 2 dots setting which is roughly 150 degrees.

    Step 2

    Measure out a rectangle in your white cotton for the main body of the advent calendar. I have used the measurements 45cm x 90cm.

    Step 2 sewing calendar

    Step 3

    Once you have cut out your fabric, give it an iron.

    Step 4

    Begin to pin on the bias binding around the outer edge leaving out the top edge, and then sew into place.

    Step 4 sewing calendar

    Step 5

    Fold back the top edge by 5cm, and pin. Sew a line straight across the top of the fabric about 4cm from the top edge. This will create an opening for you to thread your wooden dowel through and will allow the advent calendar to hang off of it.

    Step 6

    Once you had added your bias binding and given it all another press with the iron, lay the fabric out flat on the floor and measure how big you want your pockets to be. I have gone with 5 pockets per row, and have done 5 rows to be able to fit 25 pockets in. Do you have 25 or 24? Everyone has different.

    Step 6 sewing calendar

    Step 7

    I have gone for a measurement of 38cm by 10cm. I made a template out of paper to make sure it was a nice straight rectangle. I then cut 5 out of the remaining white fabric. Making sure I had allowed for a 1 cm seam allowance.

    Step 8

    Once all 5 stripes are cut out be sure to give them another press with the iron. Then begin to pin the bias binding to one of the longer edges.    This will be the top opening of your pockets.

    Step 9

    Continue to iron in your seam allowance to the other edges to keep them in place as you will be top stitching these onto the advent calendar.

    Step 10

    Pin all 5 stripes onto the body of the advent calendar make sure they are evenly placed.

    Step 10 sewing calendar

    Step 11

    Begin to topstitch the pocket strip onto the main material, starting with the three outer edges, leaving the bias binding side un-stitched.

    Step 12

    Divide with pin the pocket strip into 5 sections and begin to top stitch to create 5 pockets.

    DIY calendar sewn

    Creating/Apply The Vinyl Numbers.


    If you do not have a vinyl cutter to create your advent calendar numbers for you, an easy alternative is to use a stencil, which can be brought from Hobbycraft and other craft stores.

    Make sure your iron is still on the 2 dot/cotton setting.


    Choose the vinyl you want to use for your numbers.

    Step 2

    Turn the vinyl carrier side/glossy side down.

    Step 3

    With your stencil, also turn it upside down and begin to draw out your numbers, making sure they are back to front. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Step 4

    Cut out your numbers.

    Step 5

    Give your Advent calendar a quick pre-press with the iron. This will get rid of any moisture in the fabric, which will allow the vinyl to adhere to the fabric properly.

    Step 6

    Place your numbers into the correct position on each pocket.

    DIY calendar vinyl placement

    Step 7

    Cover them over with greaseproof paper.

    Step 8

    Apply the iron over each number and gently apply pressure with the iron to the vinyl. Hold for roughly 10-15 second.

    DIY calendar vinyl placement

    Step 9

    Remove The greaseproof paper.

    Step 10

    Begin to peel away the plastic carrier which will be on the top of the vinyl.

    DIY calendar vinyl peel

    Step 11

    Fill each pocket with yummy yummy treats for you to enjoy every morning throughout December on the countdown to Christmas.

    We used HappyFlex Heat Transfer Vinyl in Black, but why not try HappyGlitter or HappyFlock. Make sure you tag us in all your makes with #hfcrafter

    DIY advent calender hero

  • String of Lights Christmas Jumper

    Tis’ the season to light up like a Christmas Tree, and we've had lots of people asking about this so they can try and win the Tilly and the Buttons jumper competition (more on that here). So here is a quick and easy Step by Step tutorial on how to add sparkle to a jumper project or upcycle an old sweatshirt into the ‘Cutest Christmas Sweatshirt Ever’.

    Make sure you have the following tools and ingredients to get this look:

    •  x1 A4 Sheet HappyGlitter (for Baubles) in each of the following colours:
      Red, Orange, Gold, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Lavender, Egg Plant.
    • x1 Meter of HappyFlex in Black (wire and top of bauble)
    • Iron
    • Greaseproof paper
    • Ballpoint pen
    • Scissors

    make your own christmas jumper with htv

    Step One
    Lay out your sweatshirt and begin to think about where you want the wire of the lights to go.
    I have mine in a squiggly line going from the right shoulder down to the waist on the left.

    Once you have an idea, lay the black vinyl across the jumper facing down.
    With a pen begin to draw your squiggly line. Remember when you turn your vinyl over to be ironed it will be in the reverse, so bear this in mind. Once you are happy with the line you have drawn, draw another line running alongside your first line about 5mm apart, then cut it out.

    Step Two
    Now you have you cut out your wire, you need your glittery baubles. I have used seven different colours. In the corner of each colour cut a leaf shape about 2cm wide.

    Make a christmas jumper step 2

    Step Three
    Once you have your leafy shape, at one end cut it into a curve, to get rid of the pointy end.

    Step Four
    On the other end cut a straight line. This will be where you will create a little ‘hat’ for your bauble. It will act as the part which attaches to the wire. I am unsure of the technical term so we'll call it a ‘Bauble hat’. Hehehe.

    Step Five
    To create the ‘Bauble hat’, lay your glittery bauble upside down on the back of the black vinyl. Where you have your straight line, draw a new curved end from the corners of the glitter vinyl. Add a scalloped line across the bottom of the curved end, this will be used to overlap the glittery bauble to create the ‘bauble hat’.

    Make a Christmas jumper step 5

    Step Six
    Now it’s time to apply the heat transfer vinyl (HappyGlitter and HappyFlex).

    Give your Sweatshirt a Pre-press with your iron, using the cotton setting (**). This will remove any moisture within the fabric and will allow the vinyl to adhere properly to the fabric. Make sure you keep the steam setting set to OFF throughout.

    Step Seven
    Lay out your black wire line on to the front of the sweatshirt and then begin to place your glittery baubles along it. Don’t forget to add the baubles hats too.

    Step Eight
    Once you are happy with the placement of everything. Take a quick picture to remind you how you laid everything out. Now remove the glittery baubles and bauble hats and place to one side.

    Step Nine
    Cover the black Happyflex wire line with greaseproof paper and begin to press the vinyl with the iron. The shiny side of the vinyl should be facing up.

    Apply firm pressure to the iron for about 5-10 seconds to make sure the vinyl will adhere to the fabric correctly. Then remove the greaseproof paper and remove the plastic carrier from the top of the vinyl (HappyFlex is best peeled back ‘warm’).

    Make a Christmas jumper step 9

    Step Ten
    Once the black wire line has been fused and the carrier removed, begin to place your glittery baubles with their hats in place along the line of the wire. I have placed my bauble hat so it is just touching the wire line to look as if it is dangling down from the wire.

    Step Eleven
    When you are happy with the placement, remove the bauble hat and leave the glitter bauble part in place. Repeat step nine and fuse your glittery bauble to the sweatshirt. The vinyl should be facing glitter side up (for best results remove HappyGlitter carrier when ‘hot’).

    Make a Christmas jumper step 11

    Step Twelve
    Once you have removed the plastic carrier from the glittery bauble place the bauble hat on top and repeat step nine once again.

    Step Thirteen
    Remove the plastic carriers from the baubles hats. Cover everything with greaseproof paper and give one last press all over your string of baubles with the iron.

    Make a Christmas jumper step 13

    Step Fourteen
    Pull Your Christmas Sweatshirt over your head and wear with your most festive skirt or trousers.

    If you would like to see more you can see the tutorial on our Instagram saved stories.

    And don’t forget to Sparkle, Christmas Cutie.

    Your tools and ingredients to get this look:

    •  x1 A4 Sheet HappyGlitter (for Baubles) in each of the following colours:
      Red, Orange, Gold, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Lavender, Egg Plant.
    • x1 Meter of HappyFlex in Black (wire and top of bauble)
    • Iron
    • Greaseproof paper
    • Ballpoint pen
    • Scissors

    P.S. Have you picked up the latest Mollie Makes? When you do make sure you see how Christine from @SewYeah got on with our vinyl.

    Make your own christmas jumper








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