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  • HappyReflective - perfect for school kids


    HappyReflective in five colours – perfect for school start

    Bilder1Open the design in the Silhouette Studio software (included with Portrait and Cameo cutters).


    We want to cut the different parts of the rocket in different colours of HappyReflective. First we select the entire rocket and select "No Cut" as cut style.
    We want the top of the rocket to be red. Only select that part and choose "Cut" instead of "No Cut".

    There is a second way to cut only certain parts of a file.


    Bilder3We will use this second way for the green parts from the middle of the rocket. Again select "No Cut" for the entire rocket first. Then select the two green parts, put them towards the top of the cutting area and select "Cut". When you cut them this way you can minimise the amount of vinyl you will need. Only parts highlighted in red will be cut. So it is no problem if there are other parts of the design laying atop if the lines are grey. 


    You could also choose the option "Cut Edge".


    Now it's up to you to choose the colours for the rocket. HappyReflective is available in the primary colours plus silver and gold. The silver vinyl is also DIN EN 471 certified.


    Peel off the protective cover sheet when you use the silver HappyReflective.


    Now everything is cut in the desired colours and weeded.
    The small rockets you see in the right picture have been cut using the "Cut Edge" option.

    Bilder8Now that we've got everything we can get started.
    If you are insecure about the right settings for your HappyPress, you can brush up here.


    Secure the bag (or garment) on the HappyPress. Make sure it can't slip.

    Bilder10Depending on how you cut the pieces (one per sheet or arranged) you could start either with the outline or with some of the larger areas. We will start with the outline to get a good framework for our rocket.

    Bilder11Print the small pieces next. Use HappyFix Thermo Tape so they won't slip on the bag.
    As most bags are coated you should peel of the carrier as long as it's still warm. That makes it a little easier. But it is also doable once print and carrier have cooled if you know what you are doing.

    Bilder12And that's our result! A colourful rocket that every child starting school will like and that's also beneficial in traffic.

    Bilder13You can find the rocket here to download for free.

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