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  • Cushion Cover


    This is an example of how to create a cut file matching your fabric.

    Bilder1Take a photograph of the fabric with the design and open it with the Studio software. Trace it with the "Draw a curve" tool (circled).


    We are tracing for different cat shapes for our example. Each from its own photo.

    Bilder3Once you're done tracing the cat, adjust its size.


    When you've traced and sized all cats you can copy-paste them on your working area arrange them so as to minimise scraps. Don't forget to mirror everything.


    Your final file should look somewhat similar to the above. 


    I've decided to use HappyFlock because the cats on the fabric are also quite light. I'm choosing the settings for HappyFlock.


    Place the flock on the mat and press the button to draw in the mat. Set the blade to the correct settings and your cutter is ready to go... well... cut.

    Bilder8Carefully weed the cats free :)


    Prepare the HappyPress by setting it to 160 °C. Pre-iron your garment.


    Roughly cut the individual cats and use HappyFix Thermo Tape to secure them on the fabric.


    Place the garment inside the HappyPress and cover it with HappyCover. After printing you can rub the fabric with the print facing down against a cold surface to speed up the cooling.

    Bilder12Peel off the carrier =)

    Bilder13Almost new cushions with a subtle effect.

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