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  • Pressing Flock to Paper


    Don't have any coloured paper at hand? Use HappyFlock instead!  ;)

    Bilder01I've chosen this card as a birthday card a cat lover and I will transform it according to my wishes.

    The card is cut from white cardboard. I will add a cat made of white and black HappyFlock so it will become really fluffy and suede.


    I'm using the HappyFix Thermo Tape so little kitty won't slip on the cardboard. 



    Cover everything with HappyCover Grip


    ... and press at 165 °C with the HappyPress as you would on fabric. The difference: only press for 5 seconds with medium pressure.


    Let your transfer cool off before carefully peeling off the tape and the carrier..


    Use the same method for the other parts.

    Bilder08Once you've applied all parts press the entire card for one to two seconds.


    And this is it! A simple card but with an oh-so-fuzzy touch!

    If you want to make a cute cat shaped card you can buy it at the Silhouette Design Store.

    And if you need anymore creative ideas, Lori Whitlock's got many inspirations on her blog.

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