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  • HappyFashion Pro Instructions

    An example of how to use HappyFashion Pro:

    startHappyFashion Pro is a vinyl with pre-patterned glittering or shimmering effects. it can be cut using a cutter or simple scissors as we did for this example.

    methode1Handling is pretty easy. HappyFashion Pro Silver Matt 07 was cut in a zigzag using scissors and secured on the garment with HappyFix Thermo Tape.

    methode2You can also cut it in a straight line: we did with HappyFashion Pro rainbow Klar 07 in this picture. In this case make sure not to place the vinyl over seams.

    aufmalenWe have drawn a pattern on this HappyFashion Pro rainbow clear 30 using a sharpie which we then cut with scissors.

    anpressen2Secure the small parts using the thermo tape and cover with a cover sheet. You can find the correct settings under instructions.

    abziehenAfter pressing let everything cool for some minutes before peeling off the carrier.

    fertig2And that's how fast you can turn a boring t-shirt into an eye-catcher!

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