Crafting using Heat Transfer (Iron-On) Vinyl

  • How to: Halloween Sweet treat bag

    Halloween may be a little different this year but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the sweet treats. Why not create a personalised bag and have a trick or treat around the house or garden? This could be a fun sweet hunt/ game to play with the children.

    We have chosen HappyGlitter Holo Black vinyl for this treat bag but you could choose some other spooky colours from our wide range of Heat transfer Vinyl online.

    For this project you will need:

    1. Measure how wide you would like the writing to be.

    2. Create your artwork on your cutting machine programme. This is Silhouette Studio suitable to use with a Silhouette branded machine. Make sure you reverse or mirror your design once your design is complete.

    3. Add the vinyl shiny side down onto the cutting mat and insert into your machine. Make sure the setting is suited to your vinyl material. Press send to cut and watch it cut your design out.

    If you are hand cutting you could draw around a stencil onto the vinyl and cut these out with scissors. Make sure if you are using pen to draw a shape onto the vinyl to make sure all pen marks have been cut away. This is to avoid marking your fabric later on.

    4. If you have machine cut your design, use a weeding tool to reveal the lettering.

    5. Pre-press the fabric to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric.

    6. Place your vinyl design shiny side up onto the fabric and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron (2 dot setting) for 10 seconds across the design. Be sure to give each letter heat with firm, even pressure.

    7. The HappyGlitter vinyl carrier can be peeled away while warm revealing it's sparkly texture.

    You can add some fun halloween vinyl shapes around the writing to add extra spook!

    Now you can plan your Halloween fun and most importantly fill the bag with sweet treats! These bags would also make a great gift full of halloween activities and crafts to join in with ready for 31st October.

  • HTV Animal print design obsession

    Fancy adding some animal print to your projects?

    Animal print gets a yes from us in the HappyFabric studio. We love how creative you can get with colour combinations and the placement of the vinyl shapes. Plus, you can jazz up an item of clothing, a cushion or anything fabric that catches your eye.

    Create the ultimate simple yet statement project that no one else will have. Let us show you some examples of our favourite animal projects that we adore!

    Marnie created these outfits for Halloween fun at home. Can anyone guess the film that she was inspired by? Yes...101 Dalmatians, who said Halloween costumes had to be scary? It's such a quick and easy costume that ANYONE can make with a few sheets of our vinyls. Check out our tutorial on how to make your own here.

    These Jaimie Pyjama shorts (Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern) are the most comfy and colour contrasting shorts ever. We love how the colours compliment the lilac fabric and the fact they have an amazing velvet-like texture. That's thanks to the Grey HappyFlock which brings a soft feel to night-wear.

    A trip to the zoo inspired Hayley's initial over-sized jumper. It is the ultimate Giraffe print created within a letter 'H'. The HappyFlock colours were perfect for this make and create a beautiful finish to a cosy, Autumn outfit.

    Hand cut leopard print shapes layered in HappyFlex vinyl, along with the very top HappyFlock layer have created a piece of art around this t-shirt neckline. The contrast in colours gives a pop that we cannot resist!

    A prowling leopard cushion adds a fun element to a bed, sofa or chair. We hand cut the vinyl and layered the shapes to create a simple illustrative look.

    Why not create a decorative piece for the wall? Simply layer HappyFlex vinyl to create a printed look which has a smooth, soft surface.

    We adore these two projects created by @loveleigh.makes on instagram. For a single printed feel why not go for a simple black or white design to create your silhouette/ outline? The added star creates a funky look adding character and a pop of colour.

    Maybe a more minimal colour scheme would work with your wardrobe? We are so in love with @lucyhannahmakes make. By using beautiful fabric from @minervacrafts she has created her own beautiful top finished with our Heat Transfer Vinyls to create this stunning oversized leopard print to the sleeves.

    What kind of animal print will you create?

    Check out more of our projects on our social channels below. Also don't forget to tag us in your projects as we love to see what crafty designs you have been creating.

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  • How To: Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

    HTV Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

    It comes to that time of year when I ask myself the dreaded question of which Halloween costume am I going to make this year? Well fear not. I have created a super quick and easy costume that ANYONE can create. With a plain white tee and a few sheets on vinyl you can become your favorite character. This year I have created matching dalmatian tees for me and my daughter. She loves 100 and 1 dalmatians so I thought this would be perfect and I can join in too. Dressing up isn’t just for the kids.

    What you will need…

    White T Shirt

    Iron/Heat Press

    HappyFlock -Black

    HappyFlex- Red/Light Blue

    HappyGlitter – Gold




    1. Pre heat your iron/heat press to 165 degrees.
    2. Give your tee a pre press to remove any moisture within the fabric. This will allow your vinyl to adhere to the fabric.
    3. Take your HappyFlock and begin to cut out un-perfect spots. All different shapes and sizes will be perfect as this will make your dalmatian pattern more realistic. Big ones and small ones are all good.
    4. Lay your tee out flat and begin to place your spots where you would like them. Be sure not to overlap any at this point.
    5. Once you are happy with your layout, cover the spots over with greaseproof paper and apply firm pressure to your iron/heat press for about 15seconds. Be sure not to move your iron around while applying the pressure.
    6. Once all the spots are fused into place allow the vinyl to cool, before peeling away the plastic carrier on top of the vinyl.
    7. Once all plastic carriers have been removed you can now start to add any other spots that you would like to overlap. Repeat the fusing process again.

    Now it’s time to create the collar. I have used HappyFlex Light Blue and Red, along with HappyGlitter Gold for the Licence.

    1. Lower the heat of your iron/press to 150degrees.
    2. Add a piece of paper to the neckline, and then with your pencil feel the ridge of the neckline and trace it onto the paper.
    3. Then Cut that line out and check it sits nicely around the neck of the tee. Trim away any over lap if necessary. Draw another line about 2 cm away from the original to create arch, then cut this out. This will create the template for collar.
    4. Grab your HappyFlex and draw around your template onto the back of the vinyl (shiny side facing down) and cut out.
    5. Once it is cut out, lay into place on the tee and fuse like before but only for 10seconds this time. HappyFlex does not need as long a time to fuse.
    6. Once you have fused the collar into place remove the plastic carrier.
    7. Now to make the HappyGlitter Gold Licence. Hand cut a diamond shape in Gold HappyGlitter vinyl and lay in place.
    8. Lay the diamond at the bottom of the collar and add a small sliver to the top point of the diamond this will make the licence look as if it is hanging. Once you are happy with the placement fuse into place.
    9. Remove plastic carriers one last time to reveal the glitteriest HappyGlitter Licence.
    10. WOOF WOOF WOOF – You are now a dalmatian. Why not continue the dalmatian print onto a pair of white trousers to complete the look!

    I hope you love the quick and easy step by step guide to our Dalmatian costume.

  • How to: Halloween HTV t-shirt

    We love a halloween pun in the HappyFabric office and we are just creepin' it real with this project. If you want a way to join in with the Halloween festivities this year, what better way to dress up than with a slogan tee!

    Whether you are having a small party, a zoom call or playing games it will add a little extra fun to October 2020. Let's get straight into it and show you how we created our spook-tacular t-shirt.

    For this project you will need:

    1. Measure how wide you would like your design to be.

    2. Create your artwork using your cutting machine software. We are using Silhouette Studio with our Silhouette Cameo 4 machine.

    Make sure you reverse your lettering ready to cut.

    3. Change the settings to suit the vinyl type. For Silhouette Studio we chose 'Heat transfer Flock' for HappyFlock vinyl. Add the vinyl to the mat shiny side down and insert into the machine. Send your design to cut and watch the machine go!

    4. Weed your design to reveal the lettering.

    If you are hand cutting your design you could draw around a stencil or template and cut the vinyl with scissors.

    5. Always pre-press your fabric before to eliminate creases and moisture. Then add the vinyl shiny side up and add grease-proof paper. Press with an iron or HappyPress for 15 seconds (165c). Make sure each letter has an even amount of heat and time being pressed.

    6. Once HappyFlock is cool to touch, peel away the carrier.

    It's complete! Just leave for 2 days before washing and you can wear this year after year. It's a simple way to dress up without having to go all out with a costume.

    Why not all create a fun t-shirt in your household?

    Who can make the spookiest t-shirt?

    Check out more of our vinyl colours and effects here.

    Don't forget to tag us on our social channels so we can see your spooky outfit this year!

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  • Back to school inspiration

    Getting the kids excited to go back to school after a long break can be hard. This is why we have come up with 10 fun vinyl projects that won't cost the Earth, which will make their first day back a little special!

    Whether it's a name tag in clothing or a cute unicorn themed lunch box, there's something for everyone.

    All you need is our iron-on vinyl, greaseproof paper and an iron or heat press. Our vinyls can be hand cut or used on a wide range of cutting machines including Silhouette, Cricut and Brother ScanNCut.

    Have a look at our top 10 inspiring projects...

    1. School rucksack - HappyFlex Stretch Light Green

    Animal lovers will adore this simple name cut into a shape. It's a simple way to add to an old or new bag making it easier to find amongst the many piles of school bags.

    2. Lunch box - HappyGlitter Rose Gold & HappyFashion Sparkle Silver

    Add some sparkle with a fun unicorn vinyl design on a plain or simple patterned lunch box. It will definitely add a little magic to their day!

    3. Clothing initials- HappyFlex White

    Simple initials added to labels or around the neckline of clothing will help save the hassle of clothing wondering to lost property.

    4. Draw string bags- HappyFlex Grey, HappyFlock Yellow & White

    Cotton PE kits and school bags will work perfectly for an adventurous design. Let the kids hand cut their own design and collage some shapes together for a fun activity.

    6. Craft bags- HappyFlex Black, HappyFlock Pastel Pink & HappyGlitter Green

    Have a lot of small items to take to school such as maths kits and paint brushes? A large craft bag will keep it all in one place and a fun slogan or name can be added in a chosen vinyl effect.

    7. Pencil pots- HappyFlex Yellow, Pink, White & Turquoise

    Pencil pots are a handy one for when the kids are returning home in the evening. You can finally have a fun way of keeping things tidy and make some space for dinner.

    8. Pencil cases- HappyFlex White & HappyFlock Aqua

    A personalised pencil case is a keeper. We added a favourite home village boat to this one and incorporated it into the name. It adds something a little special to keep the children interested in using their stationery.

    9. Hair accessories- HappyGlitter Pale Yellow & Beach Blue

    Hair scrunchies are always handy and cute to match with the school uniform. We added some glitz with some hole punched stars in our favourite colour combination. Check out our tutorial video for our scrunchie here.

    10. Notebooks- HappyGlitter Pale Yellow, HappyFlock Signal Red, HappyFlex Black

    A little notebook is perfect to write the first day notes in! Why not add some fun vinyl textures to create something personal and stylish?

    Hopefully we have inspired you to get crafting whether it's with the kids or for a fun evening of creating. We would love to see what you are creating for back to school, make sure you tag us in your photos so we can see!

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  • August challenge inspiration

    Who loves a craft challenge?

    Whether you are joining in or watching along, we have had some fun challenges which we hope you will love just as much as us!

    With our crafty up-cycle challenges (before lockdown) spreading a creative buzz in the HappyFabric studio, returning back to work meant we could dive right into some new challenges.

    Having two crafters in the studio equals the best time to have a craft-off and see how different projects can turn out having individual styles. We wanted to bring you more fun challenges you can join in with at home or be inspired by.

    Our first challenge back together was transforming two plain white t-shirts using a bottle of dye and a selection of up to 2 vinyls. We couldn't believe how well our tie dye came out in a beautiful fuchsia colour! Adding the vinyls really finished our items off with the ultimate personalised touch.

    If you missed our behind the scenes videos/ tutorials check them out below.

    Our most recent challenge was making use of foldable polka-dot storage baskets. Marnie and Hayley had such different usage ideas which led to a secret challenge to see how each others would turn out.

    It's amazing how the same project base can be transformed using vinyl!

    Just look at the difference between Marnie and Hayley's baskets! One is made for a baby gift which could be filled with lots of useful goodies as a baby shower gift. The other is the perfect storage for all the crafty tools and fabrics to add to a craft room.

    What challenge would you like us to do next?

    Follow us on our social channels to see what we will be creating next.

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  • Personalising Pyjama shorts using HappyFabric vinyl

    Personalising clothing at home has never been so easy with HappyFabric iron on vinyls. Simply cut out your design and iron it onto your textile projects, to create a totally unique product.

    Decorate projects from outfits, bags and cushions using our range of vinyl effects and colours.

    For more inspiration check out our blog.

    For these handmade pyjama shorts, we added a variety of our vinyls to create a fun design. This one was inspired by the ever changing British weather. The blue fabric initially inspired us to add some cute clouds and then we wanted to add some sparkle. Check out the videos below to see the behind the scenes of us making them.

    Vinyls used:

    HappyFlex: Yellow, Pink, Pastel Purple, Light orange, White

    HappyGlitter: Pale Yellow, Beach Blue, Vintage Gold

    We hope you enjoyed watching!

    What project will you create next?

    Check out our social channels to keep updated with our new projects and releases of fun vinyl effects and colours.

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  • Tie Dye week: Personalising with HappyFabric vinyl

    Want a fun project for the Summer holidays, while on furlough or for a homemade gift?

    Marnie and Hayley are kick starting August with a fun filled tie dye week, to hopefully inspire some new ideas to get crafting for kids and adults too! They teach you exactly how to turn a blank outfit into something to treasure!

    This is the perfect way to transform something you already have in your wardrobe...

    We started off by dunking our projects into a bucket of water, including a jumper, Children's and adult's t-shirt and some white fabric. Dampening the fabric before hand will make the dye soak in easier.

    Don't forget your gloves!

    Once the water was rung out of the clothing, it was time to tie elastic bands in a patterned design. We chose to create a striped jumper by scrunching it up to create a long strip and wrapped the bands into sections creating even stripes. For the fabric and child's tee we went for a traditional ring design. Lastly, for the adult tee we created a swirl by spinning the middle of the t-shirt around and around. This created the swirl shape which we were able to add elastic bands to secure.

    It was finally time to add some water to the bottled dye and start adding the beautiful fuchsia colour. We added the dye to the areas we wanted to have strong colour and wrapped these up in plastic sheeting to soak for 8 hours.

    Then it was time to rinse and wash the fabric ready to completely dry before adding HappyFabric vinyls.

    We were so pleased with how they came out, we tried them on straight away! It was time to get personalising...

    'Freedom to day dream' jumper

    Choosing a HappyFlock slogan to run across the back of the jumper definitely was the ultimate way to create an edgy, personalised finish.

    Marnie chose this bold, 3D style font which created the perfect outline showing the tie dye pattern through each letter. 'Day dreamer' is one of Marnie's favourite slogans to add to projects using HappyFabric vinyl as it's so versatile, you could add it to any project and it would work.

    A previous project where Marnie added her favourite slogan

    Check out some of the photos below of us adding the design to the jumper with a household iron. We even added a little logo to the front, keeping the day dream theme running. The great thing about HappyFlock is that it has a super soft, velvety finish creating a comforting design.

    'Take it easy' tee

    Choosing HappyFlex vinyl for the t-shirt slogan was another way of creating a three dimensional effect but this time we used a colour layering technique.

    Who can't resist a pink and orange? We are obsessed at the moment!

    HappyFlex is great for layering with as it has a smooth, thin finish which is great for creating staggered colours.

    Hayley drew her bubble writing and imported this into the computer to make it a completely unique design. It really is amazing to see your own hand writing come to life. 'Take it easy' is a relaxing slogan too for lounge wear, perfect for chilling at home in.

    Just look at these close ups of our makes!

    In our new video you can see the real comparison to our plain tee and jumper and how we transformed them. This was such an inspiring project to create as you can be as experimental with the dye and the vinyls. You can really make a completely unique t-shirt and you never know how the tie dye will turn out.

    That's the beauty of the dye and adding a personalised touch with vinyl writing or images. It can create a t-shirt that people will be asking you about time and time again. "where did you get that?".

    You can turn around and say you made it or up-cycled it.

    Check out our video below to see the behind the scenes of us making our dream outfits and to see them close up!

    What do you think?

    Enter our tie dye themed competitions here.

    There are some great prizes to be won!

  • Competition time!

    We have two Summer time competitions to enter where you can win some FABULOUS PRIZES! Sounds like something you would like to be involved in?

    Let us tell you more...

    COMPETITION- Summer tie dye vinyl project:

    Create your very own tie dye project personalised with a vinyl design. This could be a bag, hair accessory, a t-shirt, the possibilities are almost endless. We are super excited to see your entries.

    To enter tag us in a photo of your finished master piece and don't forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We will pick one lucky winner to win our prize bundle. Use our hash tag #HFSummerholiday so we can see your entries. (Entries accepted on Facebook and Instagram)

    The ultimate bundle Prize:

    • Blank tote bag and zip up pouch
    • 6 X A4 HappyFabric vinyl sheets of your choice
    • Vinyl cutting accessory pack ( Cutting mat, HappyWeeder tool and release paper)

    Competition closes: 21st August 2020 10am

    COMPETITION- Design your dream Summer tie dye t-shirt:

    Print our template and design your dream tie dye t-shirt with your personalised vinyl design. Whether you hand draw your design or collage it, we cannot wait to see what you create!

    To enter tag us in a photo of your fabulous design and make sure you are following us on either Facebook or Instagram. We will pick a favourite to win a prize which will make your dream tee come to life! Use our hash tag #HFSummerholiday so we can see your entries. (Entries accepted on Facebook and Instagram).

    Dream t-shirt bundle Prize:

    • A blank t-shirt
    • 3 X A4 HappyFabric vinyls of your choice
    • A tie dye kit (Choice of red, blue or green)

    Competition closes: 21st August 2020 10am

    T-shirt template:

    T&C's: This competition is open to UK entrants only. Adults and children's entries of all ages welcome. You can enter as many times as you would like. This competition is not endorsed by Instagram or Facebook in any way. Entries only valid on Facebook and Instagram posts where we are tagged. Both competitions close 21st August 2020 10am and will be announced late afternoon.

  • How to: Leopard print shorts

    Learn how to create these fun leopard print shorts for a Summer outfit or bed time pyjama set.

    Give your shorts a personalised design with hand cut HappyFabric vinyls in your chosen colour palette.

    During a fab live instagram video with @sew.craft.megan we discussed some of our favourite projects using HappyFabric vinyls. This has led to us decorating a new project.

    We finished our live with a new, exciting project we will be working on next. It was time to create a poll for all our lovely followers to vote for their favourite design idea. The slogan 'Life's Peachy' for Megans beautiful, handmade peach striped tee won the vote. Leopard print won the vote for our newly made pyjama shorts project. Thank you for your votes! Here is our mood board of ideas and colours which initially inspired us.

    We wanted to show you exactly how you could create leopard print onto almost any textile using scissors, HappyFabric vinyl and an iron or heat press.

    We are a big fan of this technique as you do not have to worry too much about the shapes and placement. Just have fun with it!

    Come craft with us...

    For this project you will need:

    Step 1: Draw your inner leopard print spots onto the back (non shiny side) of the HappyFlex vinyl using biro pen. These can be random, fun blob shapes.

    Step 2: Cut around your shapes making sure all pen marks have been cut away. This will avoid any pen marks pressing onto your fabric later on.

    Step 3: Next repeat the process with the HappyFlock by drawing onto the back of the vinyl. This time make the shapes bubbly 'C' shapes and dots. Cut these out, again making sure there are no pen marks left on the vinyl.

    Step 4: Add the HappyFlex shapes shiny side up onto the fabric. Add greaseproof paper on top and press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

    For an iron press each shape on the 2 dot temperature setting, for 10 seconds on a hard, even surface.

    Step 5: Once cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier off of each shape. This is important as this will reveal its smooth texture ready for the HappyFlock layer to be pressed.

    Step 6: Add the HappyFlock shapes shiny side up and add greaseproof paper on top. Press the HappyFlock for 15 seconds at 165 degrees. For an iron press each shape for 15 seconds on a hard, even surface. Change the heat setting to mid 2 dot to 3 dot.

    Step 7: Once cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier off of each grey shape to reveal its soft, velvety texture.

    TAH DAH! How fun are these? Imagine these paired with a mint coloured top or a lilac cami. These could be worn to bed or we would even wear these on a Summers day for a fun, comfy outfit. We love the colour popping mint against the lilac fabric!

    What would you add to yours?

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